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elik <br /> Washington State <br /> �11 Department of Transportation <br /> Supplemental Agreement Organization and Address <br /> pp g Herrigstad Engineering& Surveying <br /> Number 2 4320 Whistle Lake Road <br /> Anacortes,WA 98221 <br /> Original Agreement Number <br /> 13-016-TRN-001 Phone: (360)299-8804 <br /> Project Number Execution Date Completion Date <br /> TAP-0030(011) 8/19/2013 10/31/2014 <br /> Project Title New Maximum Amount Payable <br /> Guemes Channel Trail $ 125,688.20 <br /> Description of Work <br /> The purpose of this Supplement is to extend the completion date. <br /> • <br /> The Local Agency of City of Anacortes <br /> desires to supplement the agreement entered into with Herrigstad Engineering&Surveying <br /> and executed on 08/19/2013 and identified as Agreement No. 13-016-TRN-001 <br /> All provisions in the basic agreement remain in effect except as expressly modified by this supplement. <br /> The changes to the agreement are described as follows: <br /> Section 1, SCOPE OF WORK, is hereby changed to read: <br /> (no chan(M <br /> 11 <br /> Section IV, TIME FOR BEGINNING AND COMPLETION, is amended to change the number of calendar days for <br /> completion of the work to read: fnnr hundred thirtv-nine calendar rlays <br /> III <br /> Section V, PAYMENT, shall be amended as follows: <br /> (no change) <br /> as set forth in the attached Exhibit A, and by this reference made a part of this supplement. <br /> If you concur with this supplement and agree to the changes as stated above, please sign in the appropriate spaces <br /> below and return to this office for final action. <br /> By: Herrigstad Engineering &'. Surveying By: City of Anac,nrtes <br /> d <br /> Consultant Signatur Approving Authority Signature <br /> %D/''%/ Y <br /> DOT Form 140-063 EF Date <br /> Revised 9/2005 <br />