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Ordinance 2029[Icon] Vacating West 15 Feet of S Avenue, Beale's Maple Grove Addition 3
Ordinance 2030[Icon] Creating Ballroom Restoration Fund 1
Ordinance 2031[Icon] Prohibiting Parking Along the Westerly Side of Commercial Between 30th and 35th Streets 1
Ordinance 2032[Icon] Amending Permit Fees 2
Ordinance 2033[Icon] Amending Zoning from RH to Commercial at 1015 26th Street - Funk 2
Ordinance 2034[Icon] Disconnection and Reconnection to City Water Supply and Providing Rates 2
Ordinance 2035[Icon] Establishing an Irrigation Water Rate for Public Agencies Utilizing Automated Underground Sprinkler Systems 1
Ordinance 2036[Icon] Amendment to Zoning Code Re: Allowing Expansion of Doctor or Dentist Office 2
Ordinance 2037[Icon] Bonding for LID 195 1
Ordinance 2038[Icon] Civil Service Amendment Re: Fire Chief, Ordinance 854 1
Ordinance 2039[Icon] Civil Service Amendment Re: Police Chief, Ordinance 880 1
Ordinance 2040[Icon] Sewer Rate Charges 4
Ordinance 2041[Icon] Annexing Forest Lands 12
Ordinance 2042[Icon] Land Clearing Ordinance 1
Ordinance 2043[Icon] Setting Charges for Use and Furnishing of Sewer Services 1
Ordinance 2044[Icon] Vacating Portion of J Avenue 1
Ordinance 2045[Icon] Amending Zoning Code Re: Accessory Buildings 1
Ordinance 2046[Icon] Parking Regulations 2
Ordinance 2047[Icon] Dangerous Dog Ordinance 9
Ordinance 2048[Icon] Levying Tax Upon Real and Personal Property for Year 1988 1
Ordinance 2049[Icon] Business License Ordinance 5
Ordinance 2050[Icon] Adopting the 1988 Budget 2
Ordinance 2051[Icon] Amending Ordinance 1845, 2005 for Garbage Collection Rates 3
Ordinance 2052[Icon] Amending Ordinance 1741 and Increasing Certain Speed Limits 2
Ordinance 2053[Icon] LID 195 Final Assessment 6
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