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Ordinance 2001[Icon] Sewer Connection Fee Charge - Amending Ordinance 1614 2
Ordinance 2002[Icon] Amending Zoning Ordinance Re: Setbacks in Rear Year 2
Ordinance 2003[Icon] Vacation of B Avenue First Plat Ship Harbor 1
Ordinance 2004[Icon] Bond Anticipation Notes 10
Ordinance 2005[Icon] Amending Garbage Rates 3
Ordinance 2006[Icon] Amending Zoning Code Re: Bed and Breakfast Signs 1
Ordinance 2007[Icon] Repealing Garbage Disposal Ordinance 1
Ordinance 2008[Icon] Rezone from FL to CM Lot 5, Division 13, Skyline 4
Ordinance 2009[Icon] Adoption of Uniform Building Code, Etc. 11
Ordinance 2010[Icon] Vacating Portion of Railroad Avenue 1
Ordinance 2011[Icon] Imposing Excise Tax on Sale of Real Estate 3
Ordinance 2012[Icon] Vacation - 2nd Street Between Commercial Avenue and Q Avenue, Q Avenue Between 2nd Street and 3rd Street 1
Ordinance 2013[Icon] Utility Tax Amendment 1
Ordinance 2014[Icon] Sanitary Sewer Surcharge Fee 1
Ordinance 2015[Icon] Prohibiting Parking Along Easterly Side of Q Avenue Between 11th and 13th Streets 1
Ordinance 2016[Icon] Correcting Legal Description on 2nd and Q Streets Vacation 1
Ordinance 2017[Icon] Criminal Code 11
Ordinance 2018[Icon] Amending Model Traffic Ordinance 2
Ordinance 2019[Icon] Vacation of 32nd Street Between R Avenue and T Avenue 1
Ordinance 2020[Icon] Limiting Parking on 20th Street Between I Avenue and J Avenue 1
Ordinance 2021[Icon] Downtown Development Authority 29
Ordinance 2022[Icon] Rezone Lots 1-8, Lots 11 - 20, Block 29, Beale's Maple Grove and Portion of Government Lot 8 from RM to HM 3
Ordinance 2023[Icon] Vacation - Portion of 8th Street 3
Ordinance 2024[Icon] 1987 Budget 2
Ordinance 2025[Icon] Property Tax Levy 1
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