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Ordinance 1971[Icon] Amending Commercial Sewer Rates 2
Ordinance 1972[Icon] Bond Anticipation Notes - Urban Renewal 6
Ordinance 1973[Icon] Keg Ordinance 2
Ordinance 1974[Icon] Budget Amendment - Cap Sante Improvement 2
Ordinance 1975[Icon] Authorizing Sale of General Obligation Bonds 6
Ordinance 1976[Icon] Refunding of Water Bonds 37
Ordinance 1977[Icon] Amending Zoning Code Sign Section 9
Ordinance 1978[Icon] Amending Subdivision Ordinance (1345, 1118) 49
Ordinance 1979[Icon] Apply for CERB Loan for Barge Dock in UR Area 11
Ordinance 1980[Icon] Amending Refunding of Water Bonds Ordinance 1976 3
Ordinance 1981[Icon] Rezone from RM to CM Bowman's CSHW, Block 21 2
Ordinance 1982[Icon] Vacation of Alley - Allen Building 5th and Commercial 2
Ordinance 1983[Icon] Disabled Parking 1
Ordinance 1984[Icon] Traffic Violation Penalties 2
Ordinance 1985[Icon] Penalties - General Provisions, Municipal Code 1
Ordinance 1986[Icon] Storm Sewer Charges 4
Ordinance 1987[Icon] Amending Advanced Travel Fund 1
Ordinance 1988[Icon] Backflow Prevention Devices 3
Ordinance 1989[Icon] Alleys in Ship Harbor Vacation 1
Ordinance 1990[Icon] Amending Ordinance 1979 Directing Repayment of Loan Monies to SCOG 1
Ordinance 1991[Icon] Placing a Public Safety Bond Issue on November General Election Ballot 6
Ordinance 1992[Icon] Approving Repayment Terms on a Grant/Loan from CERB 18
Ordinance 1993[Icon] Amending Storm Sewer Rate Ordinance 1
Ordinance 1994[Icon] Proper Tax Levy 1
Ordinance 1995[Icon] Railroad Franchise - Thompson Railroad 3
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