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Ordinance 1933[Icon] Approving Final Assessment Roll - LID 194 6
Ordinance 1934[Icon] Vacating a Portion of Marine Drive 2
Ordinance 1935[Icon] Repealing Vacation of 34th Street and O Avenue, Ordinance 1918 1
Ordinance 1936[Icon] Issuance and Sale of Bond Anticipation Notes - Urban Renewal 7
Ordinance 1937[Icon] Amending Ordinance 1936 3
Ordinance 1938[Icon] Vacating Portion of 28th Street 2
Ordinance 1939[Icon] Amending Zoning Code 2
Ordinance 1940[Icon] Storm Sewer Rates 3
Ordinance 1941[Icon] Sanitary Sewer Rate Increase 2
Ordinance 1942[Icon] Amending 1984 Budget 1
Ordinance 1943[Icon] Bond Ordinance Amendment LID 194 7
Ordinance 1944[Icon] System Registration of Bonds 6
Ordinance 1945[Icon] Pretreatment of Industrial Sources of Pollution 18
Ordinance 1946[Icon] Rates to be Charged for City Water 3
Ordinance 1947[Icon] Low Income Utility Discount 4
Ordinance 1948[Icon] Parking Restriction on R Avenue and Q Avenue, 17th Street to 22nd Street 1
Ordinance 1949[Icon] Amending 1984 Budget for Cap Sante Improvements 2
Ordinance 1950[Icon] Amending Sewer Rate Ordinance 1941 2
Ordinance 1951[Icon] Speed Limit Change on D Avenue 37th Street to 12th Street From 25 MPH to 30 MPH 2
Ordinance 1952[Icon] Road Improvement Fund 1
Ordinance 1953[Icon] Amending Zoning Code to Commercial Marine (Ship Harbor) 6
Ordinance 1954[Icon] Street Improvement Ordinance 3
Ordinance 1955[Icon] Budget Amendment - Sanitation Truck 2
Ordinance 1956[Icon] Budget Amendment - Skagit County Visitor's Bureau 1
Ordinance 1957[Icon] Budget Amendment - D Avenue Improvement 2
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