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Ordinance 1869[Icon] Adopting New Comprehensive Plan 2
Ordinance 1870[Icon] Creating Paramedic Donation Fund 1
Ordinance 1871[Icon] Creating Anacortes Economic Development Corporation 10
Ordinance 1872[Icon] Limiting Parking on Portion of North Side of 4th Street Between Commercial Avenue and O Avenue 1
Ordinance 1873[Icon] Creating Community Forest Land Management Fund 1
Ordinance 1874[Icon] Establishing Procedures for Contract and for Architectural and Engineering Services 2
Ordinance 1875[Icon] Amending Subdivision Ordinance 1805 2
Ordinance 1876[Icon] Amending Ordinance 1871 Regarding Anacortes Economic Development Corporation 2
Ordinance 1877[Icon] Governing Publication of City Ordinances 1
Ordinance 1878[Icon] Repealing Ordinance 1634 and Vacating Streets and Alleys in High School Area 1
Ordinance 1879[Icon] Authorizing Transfer of Cash Balances of Inactive Water Construction Funds to Water Capital Reserves Fund 1
Ordinance 1881[Icon] Vacating 36th Street Right of Way 1
Ordinance 1882[Icon] Amending Fourteen Sections of Zoning Ordinance 6
Ordinance 1883[Icon] Amending Section .04.9(b) of Zoning Ordinance - RM Zone 1
Ordinance 1884[Icon] Amending Section .05(b) of Zoning Ordinance - Mobile Home Parks 1
Ordinance 1885[Icon] Granting Burlington Northern Franchise - 50 Years 5
Ordinance 1886[Icon] Ordering Improvements of Various Streets Within City 8
Ordinance 1887[Icon] Amending Section .02 - Providing for Bed and Breakfast Establishments 3
Ordinance 1888[Icon] Amending Ordinance 1704 and Section of Shoreline Master Plan 27
Ordinance 1889[Icon] Amending Zoning Map from RM to C (Nantucket Inn) 2
Ordinance 1890[Icon] Utility Tax Repealing Ordinance 1866 and Ordinance 1602 3
Ordinance 1891[Icon] Property Tax Levy for 1983 2
Ordinance 1892[Icon] Fee Schedule Revision for Application 2
Ordinance 1893[Icon] 1982 Budget Amendment 1
Ordinance 1894[Icon] Amending Zoning Map from RH2 to Commercial 25th Street and O Avenue 1
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