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Ordinance 1848[Icon] Amending Zoning Ordinance Pertaining to Board of Adjustment Membership 4
Ordinance 1849[Icon] Amending Zoning Code Re: Landscape Requirements for Off-Street Parking 3
Ordinance 1850[Icon] Amending Shoreline Master Plan Re: Shoreline Designation of Weaverling Spit 2
Ordinance 1851[Icon] Amending 1981 Budget (Washington Park Piers and Floats) 1
Ordinance 1852[Icon] Amending 1981 Budget (Library Fund - Part-Time Worker; Revenue Sharing, Housekeeping) 7
Ordinance 1854[Icon] Vacating Street Right-of-Way Between West 6th and West 7th Streets 3
Ordinance 1855[Icon] General Provisions and Definitions and Penalties Applicable to Ordinances Adopted by the City 3
Ordinance 1856[Icon] Adopting 1979 Uniform Building, Mechanical, Housing, Etc. Codes 9
Ordinance 1857[Icon] Street Improvement Ordinance (Building on Property Abutting Undeveloped Streets, Etc.) 4
Ordinance 1858[Icon] Amending 1981 Budget 1
Ordinance 1859[Icon] Amending Zoning Map - Changes Area North of Airport to LM from RL 6
Ordinance 1860[Icon] Amending 1981 Budget - Washington Park Float Project 1
Ordinance 1861[Icon] Repealing 62 Old, Outdated and Superseded Ordinances 7
Ordinance 1862[Icon] Amending 1981 Budget (Library Fund - NW Area Grant Funds) 1
Ordinance 1863[Icon] Levying Taxes for 1982 1
Ordinance 1864[Icon] Amending the 1981 Budget - Revenue Sharing 1
Ordinance 1865[Icon] Establishing Salary for Mayor and City Council 1
Ordinance 1866[Icon] Amending B&O Telephone Tax 2
Ordinance 1867[Icon] Adopting 1982 Budget 1
Ordinance 1868[Icon] Amending 1981 Budget 1
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