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Ordinance 1809[Icon] Establishing Consolidated LID 184 et al. and Issuing Bonds 1
Ordinance 1810[Icon] Amending 1979 Budget 5
Ordinance 1811[Icon] Amending 1980 Budget 1
Ordinance 1812[Icon] Amending Uniform Fire Code and Building Code Pertaining to Fire Hydrants, Ordinance 1756 3
Ordinance 1813[Icon] LID Bonds (LID 187) 3
Ordinance 1814[Icon] Amending 1980 Budget 2
Ordinance 1815[Icon] Vacating Island View Booster Station Parcel 2
Ordinance 1816[Icon] Creating Museum and History Advisory Board (and Repealing Ordinance 1243 and 1401) 2
Ordinance 1817[Icon] Repealing Ordinance 1742 (Which Vacated Alley and Street Right-of-Way for PUD) 1
Ordinance 1818[Icon] Authorizing Acceptance of Purchase Offer on LID 192 1
Ordinance 1819[Icon] Enabling Implementation of a Joint Sphere of Influence Between the City of Anacortes and Skagit County 4
Ordinance 1820[Icon] Granting Franchise to Cascade Natural Gas Corporation 6
Ordinance 1821[Icon] Amending City Utility Tax (Repealing Ordinance 1602, 1605 and 1607) 4
Ordinance 1822[Icon] Authorizing Creation of Property Sale and Purchase Revolving Fund 1
Ordinance 1823[Icon] Adopting Classification of Non-Charter Code City 2
Ordinance 1824[Icon] Increasing Advance Travel Expense Revolving Fund 2
Ordinance 1825[Icon] Repealing Ordinance 1347 - Fireworks 1
Ordinance 1826[Icon] Approving Final Assessment Roll LID 189 4
Ordinance 1827[Icon] Approving Final Assessment Roll LID 192 3
Ordinance 1828[Icon] Amending Budget re: Stadium Fund 1
Ordinance 1829[Icon] Rezoning Lots 1 through 10, Block 7, Beale's Maple Grove Addition (Islands Motel) 2
Ordinance 1830[Icon] Parking Ordinance 2
Ordinance 1831[Icon] Amending the 1980 Budget (LID 184) 1
Ordinance 1832[Icon] Amending the 1980 Budget (LID 192 and 189) 2
Ordinance 1833[Icon] Amending Fee Schedule (Rezones, Vacations, Permits, Etc.) 1
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