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Ordinance 1900[Icon] Vacating Alley Block 33, Kellog and Ford Addition 5
Ordinance 1901[Icon] Vacating 14th Street Between Q Avenue and R Avenue 1
Ordinance 1902[Icon] Interfund Liability Owing Water Department 1
Ordinance 1903[Icon] Special Initiative Ordinance (1/2 Cent Sales Tax) 3
Ordinance 1904[Icon] Vacation Conover's Addition and Fidalgo Addition (Horizon Heights) 1
Ordinance 1905[Icon] Rezone from RH2A to Commercial Avenue - 26th Street and Commercial Avenue (Funk) 2
Ordinance 1906[Icon] Amending Downtown Parking Ordinance at Post Office and 4th Street 2
Ordinance 1907[Icon] Amending Membership - Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission 1
Ordinance 1908[Icon] Adopting New Shoreline Plan 65
Ordinance 1909[Icon] Vacating Portion of R Avenue Between 7th Street and 9th Street 1
Ordinance 1910[Icon] Vacating Block 32, Beale's Maple Grove Addition 1
Ordinance 1911[Icon] Vacating Streets and Alleys - Vista Too PUD 1
Ordinance 1912[Icon] Amending 1897, Adopting Budget and Salary for 1983 6
Ordinance 1912 ‎(2)‎[Icon] Amending 1897, Adopting Budget and Salary for 1983 1
Ordinance 1913[Icon] Amending Ordinance 1655 - Waterline Construction Fund Monies 1
Ordinance 1914[Icon] Amending Ordinance 1897, Regarding Budget/Salary Monies 1
Ordinance 1915[Icon] Requesting Post-Facto Council Approval of 1982 Year End Property Tax Adjustment Transfers 2
Ordinance 1916[Icon] Ordinance 1886 - Actual Total Bid Exceeds Amount in Fund 1
Ordinance 1918[Icon] Vacating 34th Street at O Avenue 1
Ordinance 1919[Icon] Establishing LID 195 7
Ordinance 1920[Icon] Authorizing Revenue Warrants on LID 194 1
Ordinance 1921[Icon] Correct Legal Description of Ordinance 1911 (Vista Too Vacations) 2
Ordinance 1922[Icon] Amending Ordinance 1380, Cumulative Cemetery Fund 1
Ordinance 1923[Icon] Vacating T Avenue North of 38th Street 1
Ordinance 1924[Icon] Vacating T Avenue North of 4th Street 1
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