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Name Plat Name Project Description Permit Number Date Recorded Applicant Name (LN, FN)
10th Street[Icon] 10th Street 4-Lot Short Plat SP12-004 5/3/2013 Gillespie, William
2520 J Avenue[Icon] 2520 J Avenue 2-Lot Short Plat SP17-003 8/9/2017 Goss, Joey and Holly
25-H Court[Icon] 25-H Court 9-Lot Short Plat SP92-003 2/12/1993 Jenneskens, Ted
33rd Court and V Place[Icon] 33rd Court and V Place 3-Lot Short Plat SP02-002 10/10/2002 City of Anacortes
33rd Court Industrial Area[Icon] 33rd Court Industrial Area 3-Lot Short Plat SP98-008 1/28/1999 City of Anacortes
34th Street Vacation Rentals[Icon] 34th Street Vacation Rentals 4-Lot Short Plat SP15-004 12/1/2015 Jung, Donna
3907 A Avenue[Icon] 3907 A Avenue 4-Lot Short Plat SP16-1005 5/4/2018 Harrison, Joe and Richard Shell
A Avenue[Icon] A Avenue 4-Lot Short Plat SP88-001 2/3/1989 Atterberry, Robert and Emma
Alex Paszkowski[Icon] Alex Paszkowski 2-Lot Short Plat SP99-001 Paszkowski, Alex
Allen[Icon] Allen 5-Lot Short Plat SP12-002 4/25/2013 Allen, Tom and Pam
Allen 28th and J[Icon] Allen 28th and J 4-Lot Short Plat SP93-001 10/14/1993 Allen, Tom
Allen 38th Street[Icon] Allen 38th Street 3-Lot Short Plat SP07-007 8/1/2008 Allen, Tom
Allen Oakes Avenue[Icon] Allen Oakes Avenue 6-Lot Short Plat SP04-006 5/18/2005 Allen, Thomas and Pamela
Andrews[Icon] Andrews 3-Lot Short Plat SP08-006 12/29/2009 Andrews, Joseph and Jenny
Ardell Henke[Icon] Ardell Henke 2-Lot Short Plat SP97-004 1/16/1998 Henke, Ardell
Atkerson Hart[Icon] Atkerson Hart 2-Lot Short Plat SP03-004 7/17/2003 Atkerson Hart
Atterberry[Icon] Atterberry 2-Lot Short Plat SP83-001 8/8/1983 Atterberry, Robert and Emma
Baker View Terrace[Icon] Baker View Terrace 9-Lot Short Plat SP93-006 12/8/1994 Oppel, Curt
Ballenger Business Park[Icon] Ballenger Business Park 3-Lot Short Plat SP11-001 4/27/2011 Patric L and Judith M Ballenger Living Trust
Bayside[Icon] Bayside 3-Lot Short Plat SP84-001 10/24/1984 Mousel, Harold
Beard[Icon] Beard 2-Lot Short Plat SP90-003 10/1/1990 Beard, Robert
Bell[Icon] Bell 6-Lot Short Plat SP80-003 9/26/2008 Bell, E.S. Jr. and Marilyn
Bessler[Icon] Bessler 3-Lot Short Plat SP05-002 9/1/2005 Bessler, Kevin
Blakewood Estates[Icon] Blakewood Estates 9-Lot Short Plat SP90-006 Coastline Properties
Bradley E. Hoover[Icon] Bradley E. Hoover 2-Lot Short Plat SP02-004 6/30/2003 Bradley E. Hoover
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