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Ordinance 2391[Icon] Vacating Portion of West 8th - Hawkings 6
Ordinance 2392[Icon] LID 201/203 Bond Ordinance Amendment 3
Ordinance 2393[Icon] Solid Waste 2
Ordinance 2394[Icon] 1996 Budget Amendments 3
Ordinance 2395[Icon] Establishing Purpose of Museum and Powers of Advisory Board 2
Ordinance 2396[Icon] Speed Limit on Anaco Beach Road 1
Ordinance 2397[Icon] Vacating a Portion of C Avenue 2
Ordinance 2398[Icon] Repealing Officer Response Time 3
Ordinance 2399[Icon] Prohibiting Through Traffic and Left Turns from O Avenue to 12th Street 1
Ordinance 2400[Icon] Parking Restrictions - Meridian Place 2
Ordinance 2401[Icon] Regulating Use of Heart Lake and Imposing Speed Limit 2
Ordinance 2402[Icon] Vacating a Portion of A Avenue 2
Ordinance 2403[Icon] Limiting Parking - South Side of 10th Street East of Commercial Avenue 2
Ordinance 2404[Icon] Establishing Wards and Precincts 1
Ordinance 2405[Icon] Utility Disconnect Fee 3
Ordinance 2406[Icon] 13th Street Vacation 2
Ordinance 2407[Icon] South March Point/SR 20 Annexation 7
Ordinance 2409[Icon] Adopting Capital Facilities Plan 4
Ordinance 2410[Icon] Adopting 1997 Budget 5
Ordinance 2411[Icon] 1996 Comprehensive Plan Amendments 4
Ordinance 2412[Icon] 1996 Development Regulations Amendments (Zoning and Subdivision Codes) 11
Ordinance 2413[Icon] Salary Schedule for 1997 4
Ordinance 2414[Icon] 1997 Budget Amendments 5
Ordinance 2415[Icon] 1996 Year-End Cash Transfers 2
Ordinance 2416[Icon] 1996 Budget Amendment - Solid Waste Fund 3
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