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Ordinance 2344[Icon] Amending Ordinance 2275 (Sewer Rates) 8
Ordinance 2345[Icon] Vacation of Portion of Illinois Avenue 7
Ordinance 2346[Icon] TCI Cablevision Enabling Ordinance 36
Ordinance 2347[Icon] TCI Cablevision Franchise Ordinance 6
Ordinance 2348[Icon] Vacating Portion of Anaco Beach Road 4
Ordinance 2349[Icon] Fire Engine Donation Fund 3
Ordinance 2350[Icon] Bond Anticipation Note 13
Ordinance 2351[Icon] Cancellation of Ordinance 2350 3
Ordinance 2352[Icon] LID 201 6
Ordinance 2353[Icon] Amend Zoning Ordinance - Waterfront Revitalization Industrial Zone 5
Ordinance 2354[Icon] Restricting Parking - North Side of Oakes Avenue (Burrows Bay Road) 2
Ordinance 2355[Icon] Budget Amendments (Computers) 5
Ordinance 2356[Icon] Establishing Data Processing Fund 3
Ordinance 2357[Icon] Library Computer Grant 2
Ordinance 2358[Icon] Investment Policy 11
Ordinance 2359[Icon] Parking on Commercial Avenue 2
Ordinance 2360[Icon] Compensation for City Council 2
Ordinance 2361[Icon] Urban Growth Area/Zoning Ordinance Amendment (2294, 2316) 8
Ordinance 2362[Icon] Street Vacation - Portion of 37th Street - Woolworth 5
Ordinance 2363[Icon] Building Code 10
Ordinance 2364[Icon] Contract Amendment EES - Water Rights/Comprehensive Plan Update 2
Ordinance 2365[Icon] Service Contract with EDASC 2
Ordinance 2366[Icon] Storm Drainage 22
Ordinance 2367[Icon] Vacating Portion of Q Avenue 6
Ordinance 2368[Icon] Budget Amendment - Museum 2
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