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Ordinance 2417[Icon] Vacating a Portion of West 3rd Street - Jurkovich 2
Ordinance 2418[Icon] Puget Power Franchise 6
Ordinance 2419[Icon] Establishing Storm and Sewer Surface Water, Etc. 7
Ordinance 2420[Icon] Correcting Legal Notice - Vacating Portion of A Avenue 5
Ordinance 2421[Icon] 1996 Health Care Fund Cash Transfer 3
Ordinance 2422[Icon] 1996 Budget Amendments 3
Ordinance 2423[Icon] Parking Restriction - Commercial Avenue, 17th and 18th Streets 1
Ordinance 2424[Icon] Parking Restriction - 20th Street, Commercial Avenue to Q Avenue 3
Ordinance 2425[Icon] Updating Municipal Code 6
Ordinance 2426[Icon] Establishing Refuse Recycle Charge 3
Ordinance 2427[Icon] Vacation of Alley in Block 163 4
Ordinance 2428[Icon] Pertaining to Yard Waste Rates 2
Ordinance 2429[Icon] Vacating a Portion of Avenue - Ira Orton 2
Ordinance 2430[Icon] Adopting Capital Facilities Plan 1998-2003 2
Ordinance 2431[Icon] Speed Limit Reduction - Ferry Terminal Road 2
Ordinance 2432[Icon] Parking Restriction - Kingsway 2
Ordinance 2433[Icon] Sanitation Arrangements - South March Point Annexation Area 2
Ordinance 2434[Icon] Telecommunication Facilities Moratorium 5
Ordinance 2435[Icon] Ordering Paving of 13th Street, J Avenue, Morton, Establishing LID 205 5
Ordinance 2436[Icon] Recycling Rates - Weekly Subscription 3
Ordinance 2437[Icon] 4% Sales Tax on Lodging 6
Ordinance 2438[Icon] Relating to Regulation of Fireworks 3
Ordinance 2439[Icon] Sanitation Rates 10
Ordinance 2440[Icon] Vacation of Portion of 38th Street and V Avenue 1
Ordinance 2441[Icon] Storm Drainage 22
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