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Ordinance 2310[Icon] Traffic Revision - T Avenue Between 22nd and 24th Streets, Removing 2-hour Parking East Side of Commercial Avenue Between 14th and 17th Streets 4
Ordinance 2311[Icon] Mayor's Salary Increase 2
Ordinance 2312[Icon] Animals Within Boundaries of Cemetery 2
Ordinance 2313[Icon] Bond Anticipation Note 11
Ordinance 2314[Icon] Vacating a Portion of West 3rd, Adjacent to Block 1505, Northern Pacific Addition 2
Ordinance 2315[Icon] Updated Subdivision Ordinance 63
Ordinance 2316[Icon] Updated Zoning Ordinance 128
Ordinance 2317[Icon] Solid Waste Rates - Curbside Yard Waste Program 3
Ordinance 2318[Icon] Vacation of Alley - Knorr 4
Ordinance 2319[Icon] Parking Restrictions - 30th Street R to T Avenue 4
Ordinance 2320[Icon] Regulation of Cable Rates 1
Ordinance 2321[Icon] Adopting 1994 Washington State Energy Code 2
Ordinance 2322[Icon] LID Financing Bids 12
Ordinance 2323[Icon] Final Zoning and Subdivision Ordinance Update 6
Ordinance 2324[Icon] Model Traffic Ordinance 40
Ordinance 2325[Icon] Updating Salary Grade - Human Resources Director 3
Ordinance 2326[Icon] Vacating F Avenue 3
Ordinance 2327[Icon] Vacating 17th Street 3
Ordinance 2328[Icon] Inter-Fund Transfers 2
Ordinance 2329[Icon] Budget Amendments (Related to Inter-Fund Transfers) 3
Ordinance 2330[Icon] Adopting Final Capital Facilities Plan 1995-2000 2
Ordinance 2331[Icon] Adopting 1994 Comprehensive Plan Amendments 5
Ordinance 2332[Icon] Updated Travel Policy 11
Ordinance 2333[Icon] Establishing a Public Works Advisory Board 3
Ordinance 2334[Icon] Amending Ordinance 2173 Establishing Latecomer Agreement Procedures 2
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