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Ordinance 2171[Icon] Amending Garbage Rates 4
Ordinance 2172[Icon] Levying a Tax Upon Real and Personal Property 2
Ordinance 2173[Icon] Establishing Latecomers Agreements 8
Ordinance 2174[Icon] Imposing Excise Tax to Finance Capital Projects 17
Ordinance 2175[Icon] Authorizing Issuance and Sale of Limited Tax General Obligation Bond Anticipation Notes 11
Ordinance 2176[Icon] Amending Zoning Code - Stormwater Guidelines 7
Ordinance 2177[Icon] Establishing Loading Zone - North Side of 20th Street 2
Ordinance 2178[Icon] Establishing Civil Penalties - Amending Zoning Code 4
Ordinance 2179[Icon] Vacation - Wright - Alley - Beales Maple Grove 6
Ordinance 2180[Icon] Vacation - Thomas - Alley - Kellogg & Ford's Addition 2
Ordinance 2181[Icon] Water Revenue Bond Issue - $2,570,000 36
Ordinance 2182[Icon] Water Revenue Bond Refunding - $2,380,000 38
Ordinance 2183[Icon] Annexing Parkside 10
Ordinance 2184[Icon] No Parking of Vehicles on Ferry Terminal Road 2
Ordinance 2185[Icon] Amending Ordinance 2163 -Heckard Vacation - Ship's Harbor 4
Ordinance 2186[Icon] Vacation - Mace - Portion of Shannon Point Road, D Avenue 4
Ordinance 2187[Icon] Providing for and Establishing Check Handling Charge 3
Ordinance 2188[Icon] Providing for a 30 Minute Time Limit - Parking 2
Ordinance 2189[Icon] Implementing Yard Service Program 4
Ordinance 2190[Icon] Washington State Energy Code 2
Ordinance 2191[Icon] Lovric Street Vacation 3
Ordinance 2192[Icon] Washington State Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality Code 2
Ordinance 2193[Icon] Vacating Right of Way Adjacent to Block 1 G. Kellogg's - Lafferty 2
Ordinance 2194[Icon] Amending Zoning Code - Add Single Family Conditional Use in CBD Zone 3
Ordinance 2195[Icon] Vacation - Colley/Allen - Portion of 22nd Street 3
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