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Ordinance 2216[Icon] Vacating Certain Alley in Block 11, First Plat of Ship Harbor - Erlich/Hugg 1
Ordinance 2217[Icon] Vacating Portions of Streets and Alley, First Plat of Ship Harbor - Rosenberg 2
Ordinance 2218[Icon] Vacating Portion of Blocks 211 and 212 and a Portion of 20th Street - Simon 2
Ordinance 2219[Icon] Bond Anticipation Note 12
Ordinance 2220[Icon] Repealing Ordinance 2166 - Vacating Rights of Way 2
Ordinance 2221[Icon] Repealing Ordinance 2164 - Vacating Rights of Way 2
Ordinance 2222[Icon] Amending Legal Description - Vacation - North Island Boat 3
Ordinance 2223[Icon] Authorizing Placement of a Stop Sign at the Intersection of Ferry Terminal Road and Oakes Avenue 2
Ordinance 2224[Icon] Adopting Sewer Rates 7
Ordinance 2225[Icon] Adopting Water Rates 3
Ordinance 2226[Icon] Real Estate Excise Tax Proceeds Amendment 3
Ordinance 2228[Icon] Anti-Scavenging 6
Ordinance 2229[Icon] Establishing a Water Utility Advisory Board 4
Ordinance 2230[Icon] 1992 Budget Amendments 4
Ordinance 2232[Icon] Adopting Council Claims Approval Procedures 4
Ordinance 2233[Icon] 1992 Budget Amendments (Amending Ordinance 2211) 2
Ordinance 2234[Icon] Amending Section 1 of Ordinance 2185 to Properly Include a Portion of Adjacent Alleys - Votaw 3
Ordinance 2235[Icon] Amending Ordinance 2211 - 1992 Budget and Salary Schedule 2
Ordinance 2236[Icon] Prohibiting Discharge of Fireworks to July 4th for 1992 Only 2
Ordinance 2237[Icon] Implementing Rezone South of 37th Street 5
Ordinance 2238[Icon] Adopting the Uniform Building Code (Repealing Ordinance 2115) 8
Ordinance 2239[Icon] Amending Ordinance 2211 3
Ordinance 2240[Icon] Vacating the West 15 Feet of L Avenue - Bush 2
Ordinance 2241[Icon] Limiting Parking to Two Hours on Both Sides of Commercial Avenue Between 14th and 17th Streets 2
Ordinance 2242[Icon] Prohibiting Alcohol Within Boundaries of City Forest Lands 2
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