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Ordinance 2097[Icon] Repealing Ordinance 2075 Establishing Local Improvement District (LID) 197 2
Ordinance 2098[Icon] Amending Building Permit Fee Schedule 5
Ordinance 2099[Icon] Establishing LID 197 - Waterlines - 27th - 29th Streets 10
Ordinance 2100[Icon] Approving LID 198 - 38th Street Paving 7
Ordinance 2101[Icon] Establishing Monthly Rates for Use and Furnishing of Sanitary Sewage System 7
Ordinance 2102[Icon] Repealing Disconnection/Reconnection Charges for Water, Ordinances 2067 and 2034 2
Ordinance 2103[Icon] Wastewater Treatment Revenue Bond and Anticipation Notes, 1989 9
Ordinance 2104[Icon] Amending Zoning Code, Rezone 10th and Commercial to Central Business District 2
Ordinance 2105[Icon] Vacating East Half of S Avenue Between 4th and 6th Streets 2
Ordinance 2106[Icon] Amending Zoning Code - Minimum Lot Size RL Zone 3
Ordinance 2107[Icon] Ordering Improvements 16th, 27th and 35th Streets 8
Ordinance 2108[Icon] Financing Note - LID 198 6
Ordinance 2109[Icon] Nuisance Abatements 8
Ordinance 2110[Icon] Vacation - A Avenue 2
Ordinance 2111[Icon] Vacation Portion of Block 21, Kellogg and Ford's Addition 2
Ordinance 2112[Icon] Vacating Portion of L Avenue 4
Ordinance 2113[Icon] Vacating Portion of 29th Street 3
Ordinance 2114[Icon] Amending Franchise Anacortes Railway Company 3
Ordinance 2115[Icon] Adopting Uniform Building Code - Fees 16
Ordinance 2116[Icon] Vacating a Portion of Hartford Avenue 2
Ordinance 2117[Icon] Vacating a Portion of "U" Avenue 3
Ordinance 2118[Icon] Repealing Ordinance 1973 - Disposition of Kegs 3
Ordinance 2119[Icon] Amending Ordinance 1953 - Extending Time for Ship Harbor Rezone 8
Ordinance 2120[Icon] Amending Subdivision Code - Rural Zone 3
Ordinance 2121[Icon] Vacating Portion of California Avenue 2
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