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Ordinance 2056[Icon] Vacating the South Half of Taylor Street Abutting Lots 1 through 10, Block 2, Plat of King's First Addition to the City of Anacortes 2
Ordinance 2057[Icon] Authorizing Issuance of General Obligation Bonds 13
Ordinance 2058[Icon] Amending Section .04.10 Zoning Code 4
Ordinance 2059[Icon] Regulating Possession, Etc. of Drug Paraphernalia 5
Ordinance 2060[Icon] Regulating Pawnbrokers and Second-Hand Dealers 6
Ordinance 2061[Icon] Placing a Moratorium on New Building in the Light and Heavy Manufacturing Zones East of Commercial Avenue 3
Ordinance 2062[Icon] Relating to LID 195 Bonds 9
Ordinance 2063[Icon] Amending the Shoreline Master Plan Heart, Whistle and Erie Lakes, Amendment 2 3
Ordinance 2064[Icon] Providing Rates for Septage Dumping 2
Ordinance 2065[Icon] Approving Cash Transfers from Various City Funds to LID 195 2
Ordinance 2066[Icon] Amending Ordinance 2050 Authorizing Budget Amendment to Reflect Additional Revenues - Library 2
Ordinance 2067[Icon] Amending Ordinance 2034 Providing for Disconnect/Reconnect Fees 2
Ordinance 2068[Icon] Adopting a Local Transportation Improvement Program; Establishing Transportation Impact Fees 18
Ordinance 2069[Icon] Lifting the Moratorium Established by City Ordinance 2061 2
Ordinance 2070[Icon] Vacating Portion of Government Lot 2 between 18th and 19th Streets at R Avenue 2
Ordinance 2071[Icon] Water Rate Change 5
Ordinance 2072[Icon] Dangerous Dogs 2
Ordinance 2073[Icon] LID 198 10
Ordinance 2074[Icon] Amending Section 3 of Ordinance 2046, "An Ordinance Providing for Park Regulations" 2
Ordinance 2075[Icon] Establishing LID 197 10
Ordinance 2076[Icon] Amending Definition of Bed and Breakfast 2
Ordinance 2077[Icon] Amending Ordinance 1741, "Providing Speed Limits on Streets" 3
Ordinance 2078[Icon] Relating to Elimination of Storm or Surface Drainage Water 4
Ordinance 2079[Icon] Establishing Limited Parking Time on Streets and Avenues 3
Ordinance 2080[Icon] Vacating Portion of Northern Pacific Addition - Sargent 5
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