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Resolution 1580[Icon] Bargaining Agreement - Police Services Guild 72
Resolution 1581[Icon] Anacortes Wellness Program 1
Resolution 1582[Icon] 2% Tourism Fund Contract with Chamber of Commerce 4
Resolution 1583[Icon] Traffic Safety Committee 1
Resolution 1584[Icon] GMA Grant Funding 7
Resolution 1585[Icon] Approve Tourism Funds for Preston Interpretive Center 3
Resolution 1586[Icon] Approval to Accept Funds from Museum Foundation for Preston Interpretive Center 2
Resolution 1587[Icon] Heart Lake Transfer 1
Resolution 1588[Icon] Legal Notice Newspaper 1
Resolution 1589[Icon] Authorizing Museum Foundation to Copy and Sell Museum Owned Historical Material in Museum Gift Shop 3
Resolution 1590[Icon] Small Works Roster 3
Resolution 1591[Icon] Increase to Mayor's Contract Authority 1
Resolution 1592[Icon] Setting Public Hearing Date - Vacation - Alley in Block 11 - Bowman's 2
Resolution 1593[Icon] Setting Public Hearing Date - Vacation - Portion of L Avenue - Marshall 2
Resolution 1594[Icon] AT&T Franchise Transfer to AT&T Comcast 3
Resolution 1595[Icon] New Planning Framework Agreement 1
Resolution 1596[Icon] Appointing Airport Citizens Advisory Committee 2
Resolution 1597[Icon] Industrial Park Land Sale - Bill Wooding 1
Resolution 1598[Icon] Industrial Park Land - North Harbor Diesel 1
Resolution 1599[Icon] Adopting a City Position on Solid Waste Disposal 3
Resolution 1600[Icon] Amendment to Water Contract - Tesoro 1
Resolution 1601[Icon] Amendment to Water Contract - Shell Puget Sound Refinery 1
Resolution 1602[Icon] Amendment to Water Contract - Oak Harbor 1
Resolution 1603[Icon] Amendment to Water Contract - LaConner 1
Resolution 1604[Icon] Amendment to Water Contract - Skagit PUD 1
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