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Resolution 1656[Icon] Ship Harbor Pump Station Contracts 1
Resolution 1657[Icon] Critical Areas Ordinance - Grant Contracts 5
Resolution 1658[Icon] Reorganizing the Lodging Tax Advisory Committee [repealed by Resolution 1918] 1
Resolution 1659[Icon] Personnel Policy Update 1
Resolution 1660[Icon] Official City Newspaper 3
Resolution 1661[Icon] Setting Public Hearing Date - Vacation - Alley, First Plat of Ship Harbor 2
Resolution 1662[Icon] Amending Policies and Procedures of Grand View Cemetery 35
Resolution 1663[Icon] Opposing HB 2340 - Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council 1
Resolution 1664[Icon] Setting Public Hearing Date - Vacation - Portion of H Avenue 3
Resolution 1665[Icon] Water Rights 13
Resolution 1666[Icon] Setting Public Hearing Date - Vacation - Oakes Avenue 2
Resolution 1667[Icon] Signs in City Right-of-Way 1
Resolution 1668[Icon] Establishing Working Relations as to Fencing at the Anacortes Airport 7
Resolution 1669[Icon] Support Safe Routes to School 1
Resolution 1670[Icon] Amendment to Water Contract - Tesoro 1
Resolution 1671[Icon] Amendment to Water Contract - Shell Puget Sound Refinery 1
Resolution 1672[Icon] Amendment to Water Contract - Oak Harbor 1
Resolution 1673[Icon] Amendment to Water Contract - LaConner 1
Resolution 1674[Icon] Amendment to Water Contract - Skagit PUD 1
Resolution 1675[Icon] Amendment to Water Contract - Swinomish Tribal Community 1
Resolution 1676[Icon] Setting Public Hearing Date - Vacation - Portion of Illinois 2
Resolution 1677[Icon] Boxing Club Use Agreement 10
Resolution 1678[Icon] Setting Public Hearing Date - Vacation - Portion of C Avenue 2
Resolution 1679[Icon] Adopting the 2005 Statewide Transportation Plan 4
Resolution 1680[Icon] Adopting Heart Lake Management Plan 1
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