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Resolution 1691[Icon] Approving Labor Agreement - Non-Commissioned Police 31
Resolution 1692[Icon] Wilson Hotel Rehabilitation 31
Resolution 1693[Icon] Fidalgo Center Fees 2
Resolution 1694[Icon] Supporting Construction of the Hood Canal Bridge Pontoons 1
Resolution 1695[Icon] Apprentice Training Requirements 2
Resolution 1696[Icon] Washington Park Fee Amendment 2
Resolution 1697[Icon] Designating Applicant Agent - FEMA Grant 1
Resolution 1698[Icon] Setting Public Hearing Date - Alley Vacation - Click 2
Resolution 1699[Icon] Opposing HB 1009 - "Allowing Electronic Payment of Utility Bills" 1
Resolution 1700[Icon] Setting Public Hearing Date - Alley Vacation - Blk 4, Seattle Syndicate 1
Resolution 1701[Icon] Authorizing Write-Off of Billing Balances 3
Resolution 1702[Icon] Naming Official City Newspaper for 2005 1
Resolution 1703[Icon] Setting Public Hearing Date - Alley Vacation - 14th and 15th Street - Munks 2
Resolution 1704[Icon] Setting Public Hearing Date - Vacation - Portion of 25th Street 2
Resolution 1705[Icon] Teamster Bargaining Agreement 30
Resolution 1706[Icon] Homeland Security - Adopting NIMS 2
Resolution 1707[Icon] Authorizing ACFL Grant Application 1
Resolution 1708[Icon] Establishing a Vacation Donation Program for Victims of Katrina 4
Resolution 1709[Icon] Authorizing for New Water Supply Agreements with Wholesale/ Industrial Clients 1
Resolution 1710[Icon] Authorizing Execution of Tourism Promotion Fund Contract Between the City and Twelve Agencies for Fifteen Projects 45
Resolution 1711[Icon] Fixing a Time When a Petition for Vacation May be Heard and Determined by City Council in Setting Hearing Date 1
Resolution 1712[Icon] Approving Labor Agreement - International Association of Firefighters Local 1537 35
Resolution 1713[Icon] Setting the City's 2006 Year Property Tax Regular Levy Increase 1
Resolution 1714[Icon] Amending Personnel Policies and Benefits for City Employees 1
Resolution 1715[Icon] Updating Deputy Clerk/Treasurer Position 1
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