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Resolution 1839[Icon] Naming Official City Newspaper for Year 2012-2013 1
Resolution 1840[Icon] Authorizing the Write-off of Miscellaneous Billing Balances Deemed Uncollectible 1
Resolution 1841[Icon] Updating Petty Cash and Change Funds and Amending Resolution No. 1826 Dated September 6, 2011 1
Resolution 1842[Icon] Authorizing Extension of the Provisions of RCW 41.48.030, Providing Medicare Coverage to Eligible Employees of the City of Anacortes 2
Resolution 1843[Icon] Establishing the Docket of Proposed Comprehensive Plan and Development Regulation Amendments to be Reviewed in 2012 3
Resolution 1844[Icon] Declaring the Purchase of a Live-Fire Training Mobile Facility Creates a Purchase Requirement Subject to the "Special Facilities" Exemption Defined under RCW 39.04.280 (1)(b) and Authorizing Competitive Negotiations under a Request for Proposal Process 1
Resolution 1845[Icon] Fixing a Time When a Petition for Vacation May Be Heard and Determined by the City Council in Setting a Public Hearing Date 1
Resolution 1846[Icon] Entering Findings of Fact and Reaffirming Ordinance 2881 Concerning Interim Regulations for Adult Concessions and Adopting a Work Plan 3
Resolution 1847[Icon] Declaring Real Property Surplus and Authorizing Its Conveyance per Settlement Agreement [Tyler Way Right Of Way] 5
Resolution 1848[Icon] Creating a Regional Fire Authority Planning Committee to Consider Regional Fire Services 1
Resolution 1849[Icon] To Adopt the Anacortes Bike/Pedestrian Plan as Policy 1
Resolution 1850[Icon] Fixing a Time When a Petition for Vacation May Be Heard and Determined by the City Council in Setting a Public Hearing Date [Weaverling Road Vacation] 1
Resolution 1851[Icon] Authorizing Execution of Tourism Promotion Fund Contracts for the Year 2013 By and Between the City of Anacortes and Thirteen Agencies for Fourteen Projects 42
Resolution 1852[Icon] Relating to a Misdemeanor Diversion Program 2
Resolution 1853[Icon] Setting the City's Year 2013 Property Tax Regular Levy Increase 1
Resolution 1854[Icon] Setting an Application Fee Schedule for the Misdemeanor Diversion Program 1
Resolution 1855[Icon] Authorizing the Use of Emergency Reserve Funds 2
Resolution 1856[Icon] Authorizing Execution of a Collective Bargaining Agreement by and between the City of Anacortes and the Anacortes Non Commissioned Police Guild 1
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