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Ordinance 355[Icon] Regulating Franchises and Valuable Privileges and Requirements 3
Ordinance 357[Icon] Adopting Names of Streets, Avenues and Public Places 7
Ordinance 358[Icon] Providing for Levying and Collection of Annual Street Poll Tax 3
Ordinance 359[Icon] Amending Section 1, 2, 3 of Ordinance 273 3
Ordinance 360[Icon] Amending Section 7 of Ordinance 235 2
Ordinance 361[Icon] Creating Office of City Scavenger and Regulating Same 3
Ordinance 362[Icon] Regulating Speed and Use of Automobiles and Motorcycles 1
Ordinance 363[Icon] Regulating Licensing and Sale of Intoxicating Liquors 6
Ordinance 364[Icon] Employing J.T. Ronald, Attorney for City Action 2
Ordinance 365[Icon] Making it a Misdemeanor to Dig or Make Any Hole Unless Under Certain Conditions and Providing a Penalty 2
Ordinance 366[Icon] Establishing Grade of Commercial Avenue 2
Ordinance 368[Icon] Providing for Improvement of 4th Street, LID 61 4
Ordinance 369[Icon] Declaring Buildings for Theatres, Shows or Public Gatherings, Unsafe Unless Proper Exits are Provided 1
Ordinance 370[Icon] Protect Public Health of City, Fixing Penalties 17
Ordinance 371[Icon] Providing for Improvement of East Forty Feet of Commercial Avenue 3
Ordinance 372[Icon] Fixing Compensation of Elective and Appointive Officers, Employees 2
Ordinance 373[Icon] Levying a Tax Upon Personal and Real Property 1
Ordinance 374[Icon] Providing for Calling of Annual City Election 1
Ordinance 375[Icon] Prohibiting Fastening, Tying or Hitching to or Connecting with the City Float 2
Ordinance 376[Icon] Vacating Alley in Block 294 and 295 1
Ordinance 377[Icon] Repealing Ordinance 358 1
Ordinance 378[Icon] Amending Section 1 of Ordinance 310 2
Ordinance 379[Icon] Improvement of K Avenue, LID 63 4
Ordinance Index 1908[Icon] 2
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