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Ordinance 307[Icon] Prohibiting Side, Rear, Family and Ladies Entrances in Saloons Where Intoxicating Liquors are Given Away, Sold or Disposed Of 3
Ordinance 308[Icon] Vacating Certain Streets, Alleys, Lots and Blocks in Bowman's Central Harbor Water Front Plat 5
Ordinance 309[Icon] Granting E.G. English, et al., Franchise to Build, Equip and Operate an Electric, or Other of Most Modern Power, Except Steam, Street Railway in City 14
Ordinance 310[Icon] Providing for Sewer and Drain Connections with Public Sewers, Regulating 4
Ordinance 311[Icon] Granting to Will A. Lowman Privileges of Introducing into City Fresh Water 7
Ordinance 312[Icon] Vacating Part of 2nd Street, 3rd Street 3
Ordinance 313[Icon] Repealing Ordinance 309 2
Ordinance 314[Icon] Imposing Annual Street Poll Tax on Male Inhabitants of City 1
Ordinance 316[Icon] Providing for Collection of Street Poll Tax 3
Ordinance 317[Icon] Amending Section 1, Ordinance 152 2
Ordinance 318[Icon] Levying Tax on Real and Personal Property 1
Ordinance 319[Icon] Amending Ordinance 290 Regarding Use of Nickel-in-the-Slot machine 2
Ordinance 320[Icon] Prohibiting Driving of Wagons and Other Vehicles Along, Upon or Across the Parking Strips and Sidewalks of City 2
Ordinance 321[Icon] Calling for Annual City Election for Elective Officers 2
Ordinance 322[Icon] Fixing the Compensation of Elective and Appointive Officers 3
Ordinance 323[Icon] Regulating Licensing Sale of Intoxicating Liquors 4
Ordinance 324[Icon] Making it a Misdemeanor to Sell or Give to Minor under 16 Years, Any Cigarette, Cigar, or Tobacco of any Form, Providing Penalty Therefore 2
Ordinance 325[Icon] Providing for Fees for Witnesses, Jurors and Interpreters in Police Court 2
Ordinance 326[Icon] Establishing Fire Limits Within City 2
Ordinance 327[Icon] Defining and Punishing Crime of Battery 2
Ordinance Index 1906[Icon] 2
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