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Ordinance 281[Icon] Vacating that Portion of 18th Street 1
Ordinance 282[Icon] Establishing Grade of L Avenue 1
Ordinance 283[Icon] Establishing Grade of M Avenue 1
Ordinance 284[Icon] Establishing Grade of O Avenue 1
Ordinance 285[Icon] Establishing Grade of 4th Street 1
Ordinance 286[Icon] Establishing Grade of 7th Street 1
Ordinance 288[Icon] Making it a Misdemeanor to Remove any Dirt, Gravel or Stone from Any Street or Alley, or Cut Down or Remove Trees Except under Certain Conditions, Providing a Penalty 1
Ordinance 289[Icon] Providing All Poles or Other Surface Projections Supporting Telegraph, Telephone and Electric Light Wires, Be Painted and Providing a Penalty for Violation 3
Ordinance 290[Icon] Making it a Misdemeanor to Maintain, Conduct or Exhibit Within City Limits Nickel-in-the-Slot Machines or Machines or Other Devices of Like Character 2
Ordinance 291[Icon] Making It a Misdemeanor to Tether or Picket any Domestic Animal on Streets in City 1
Ordinance 292[Icon] Providing for Collection of Annual Street Poll Tax 3
Ordinance 293[Icon] Levying Annual City Street Poll Tax 1
Ordinance 294[Icon] Establishing Grade of Commercial Avenue 3
Ordinance 295[Icon] Establishing Grade of Commercial Avenue 1
Ordinance 296[Icon] Vacating Streets in City 2
Ordinance 297[Icon] Providing for Improvement of Commercial Avenue 6
Ordinance 298[Icon] Providing for Improvement of O Avenue 4
Ordinance 299[Icon] Improvement of 2nd Street 4
Ordinance 300[Icon] Vacating that Portion of 5th Street 3
Ordinance 301[Icon] Levying a Tax on Personal and Real Property 4
Ordinance 302[Icon] Providing for Calling of Annual Election 1
Ordinance 303[Icon] Vacating T Avenue 2
Ordinance 304[Icon] Fixing Salaries and Compensation of Elective and Appointive Officers 3
Ordinance 305[Icon] Vacating Portion of S Avenue 1
Ordinance 306[Icon] Amending Subdivision III of Section 10 of Ordinance 275 2
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