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Ordinance 265[Icon] Amending Ordinance 258 2
Ordinance 266[Icon] Governing Discharge of Ballast in Guemes Channel and in Fidalgo Bay 2
Ordinance 267[Icon] Providing Harbor Regulations, Providing for Appointment of Harbor Master and Defining his Skills and Duties 2
Ordinance 268[Icon] Obtain a Permit for Altering, Adding to, Erection of Any House 2
Ordinance 269[Icon] Providing for Devolving Duty, Burden and Expense of Maintenance, Repairs and Renewal of Sidewalks on One of Both Sides of Improve Streets 5
Ordinance 270[Icon] Making Expectoration on Floor or Sidewalk in City a Misdemeanor 2
Ordinance 271[Icon] Establishing Grade of O Avenue from South Line of 9th Street to North Line of Railroad Avenue 1
Ordinance 272[Icon] Regulating Keeping of Domestic Animals in City Limits 3
Ordinance 273[Icon] Amending Sections 1, 9, 15 of Ordinance 235 2
Ordinance 274[Icon] Vacating Parts of Railroad Avenue 1
Ordinance 275[Icon] Imposing Municipal Licenses in City 8
Ordinance 276[Icon] Amending Section 1 of Ordinance 258 4
Ordinance 277[Icon] Levying a Tax Upon Personal and Real Property 1
Ordinance 278[Icon] Vacating East Ninety Feet of Alley Running Through Block 33 1
Ordinance 279[Icon] Providing for Calling of Annual City Election 1
Ordinance 280[Icon] Fixing Salaries of City Officials 1
Ordinance Index 1904[Icon] 2
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