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Ordinance 251[Icon] Vacating Portions of Certain Streets in City 3
Ordinance 252[Icon] Amending Section 3 of Ordinance 218 2
Ordinance 253[Icon] Amending Section 6 of Ordinance 230 3
Ordinance 254[Icon] Amending Section 3 of Ordinance 218 2
Ordinance 255[Icon] Vacating all that Portion of 26th Street 1
Ordinance 256[Icon] Providing that all Sidewalks be Laid Upon Commercial Avenue between South Side of 3rd and North Side of 10th Street to be Made of Cement 2
Ordinance 257[Icon] Amending Section 4 and 5 of Ordinance 239 3
Ordinance 258[Icon] Granting to Seattle and Montana Railroad Company, Rights, Etc. 11
Ordinance 259[Icon] Ordinance Levying Tax on Personal and Real Property 4
Ordinance 260[Icon] Ordinance Providing for Annual City Election 1
Ordinance 261[Icon] Fixing Salaries of City Officers 1
Ordinance 262[Icon] Providing for Appointment by Mayor Subject to Confirmation by City Council of a City Marshal, One Policeman, Police Justice, City Engineer, and Superintendent of Streets, Fixing Salaries 2
Ordinance 263[Icon] Vacating Alley in Block 3 of J.M. Moore's Addition 2
Ordinance 264[Icon] Establishing Grade of F Avenue 2
Ordinance Index 1903[Icon] 2
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