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Ordinance 241[Icon] Prohibiting Riding, Driving or Encroaching Upon or Obstructing Sidewalks and Repealing Section 4 of Ordinance 111 3
Ordinance 242[Icon] Improvement of Commercial Avenue 4
Ordinance 243[Icon] Amending Section 20 of Ordinance 8 2
Ordinance 244[Icon] Fixing Time After Which it Shall be Unlawful for Children to be on Streets 2
Ordinance 245[Icon] Granting Seattle and Northern Railway Right to Maintain and Operate Certain Branch of Its Railway on City Property 4
Ordinance 246[Icon] Levying Tax on Real and Personal Property 3
Ordinance 247[Icon] Establishing Grade on 4th Street 3
Ordinance 248[Icon] Fixing Salaries of City Officers 2
Ordinance 249[Icon] Providing for Calling of Annual City Elections 2
Ordinance 250[Icon] Improvement of 4th Street 4
Ordinance Index 1902[Icon] 2
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