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Ordinance 227[Icon] Granting to Douglass Allmond to Erect and Maintain Poles and Crossarms Within City 5
Ordinance 228[Icon] Establishing a Public Library Room in City 6
Ordinance 229[Icon] Prohibiting Granting of License for Sale of Intoxicating Liquors Outside of Certain Limits in City, Repealing Ordinance 147 3
Ordinance 230[Icon] Providing for Licensing Certain Businesses and Fixing Fees 6
Ordinance 231[Icon] Repealing Ordinance 127 3
Ordinance 232[Icon] Extending Time in Which Privileges Granted in Ordinance 152 3
Ordinance 233[Icon] Making Gambling Within City a Misdemeanor 2
Ordinance 234[Icon] Fixing Salary of City Engineer 2
Ordinance 235[Icon] Construction of Sewers and Drains 9
Ordinance 236[Icon] Levying Tax on Real and Personal Property 2
Ordinance 237[Icon] Providing for Calling of Annual City Election 2
Ordinance 238[Icon] Fixing Salaries of City Officers 2
Ordinance 239[Icon] Providing for Street Improvement Repealing Ordinance 73 11
Ordinance Index 1901[Icon] 2
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