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DocuSign Envelope ID:89275C34-CD03-47ED-931 D-4C3C91318545A <br /> C1T Y <br /> �v <br /> RESOLUTION 3113 <br /> A RESOLUTION OF THE CITY OF ANACORTES, <br /> WASHINGTON, SUPPORTING PROPOSITION 1 FOR <br /> PUBLIC SAFETY STAFFING ON THE APRIL 25, 2023, <br /> SPECIAL ELECTION BALLOT. <br /> Whereas the City Council adopted Resolution 3103 on December 5, 2022, providing for <br /> a proposition on the April 25, 2023 special election ballot to authorize the City to levy <br /> regular property taxes in excess of the limitation in RCW Chapter 84.55 for public safety <br /> staffing; <br /> Whereas RCW 42.17A.555 provides that an elected legislative body may approve a <br /> resolution in support of a ballot proposition so long as (a) any required notice of the <br /> meeting includes the title and number of the ballot proposition, and (b) members of the <br /> legislative body or members of the public are afforded an approximately equal <br /> opportunity for the expression of an opposing view; <br /> Whereas the City of Anacortes has identified the need to add police officers and <br /> firefighter/medics to improve levels of service and response times to protect public <br /> health and safety; <br /> Whereas the number of needed police officers and firefighter/medics exceeds the City's <br /> ability to fund the positions using existing general revenue without substantial cuts to <br /> other important services; <br /> Whereas RCW 84.55.050(1) allows for a one-year permanent increase in property tax <br /> revenue above the 1% annual limit set in RCW Chapter 84.55 if such a levy increase is <br /> authorized by a ballot proposition approved by a majority of the voters in an election (a <br /> "levy lid lift"); <br /> Whereas the City Council has determined that it is essential and necessary for the <br /> public health, safety, and welfare, and in the best interest of the City and its residents to <br /> submit a one-year permanent levy lid lift proposition to the voters for their approval or <br /> rejection; <br /> Whereas the amount of the proposed levy lid lift has been calculated to support police <br /> by providing funding to add five additional police officers, which will bring police staffing <br /> into alignment with industry standards, thereby increasing the safety levels of both <br /> officers and citizens, and will reduce response times; <br />