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DocuSign Envelope ID:570837B8-3565-4C92-9927-3FC7CA5A5F7B <br /> ORDINANCE 4040 <br /> AN ORDINANCE AMENDING ORDINANCE NO. 4000 ADOPTED ON DECEMBER 13, <br /> 2021, ENTITLED "AN ORDINANCE ADOPTING THE BUDGET FOR ALL MUNICIPAL <br /> PURPOSES AND USES FOR THE YEAR 2022" <br /> WHEREAS, Ordinance 4000 was adopted on December 13, 2021 that established the <br /> annual budget for fiscal year 2022, and <br /> WHEREAS, At the time of budget development of the 2022 budget there were several <br /> Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBA's) that were in the process of negotiation, and as <br /> those negotiations were active and unsettled there wasn't a COLA assumed for the City staff <br /> covered by those CBA's, and those CBA's were not settled until well into the 2022 budget <br /> year and the negotiated COLA was not incorporated into the Wage Budget, causing many <br /> Wages budget lines to run over budget, and <br /> WHEREAS, While some departmental budgets experienced overbudget wage <br /> conditions several of them were able to manage that condition through other budget areas <br /> and end the year within budget at the department level, however some departments were <br /> not able to accommodate those overbudget conditions and require a budget amendment, <br /> and <br /> WHEREAS, The Parks and Rec department experienced such a budget condition for <br /> wages requiring a budget amendment, as well as experiencing significantly increased utility <br /> costs that were not anticipated at the time of budget development, and <br /> WHEREAS, The main Cemetery road required repaving which was not anticipated at <br /> the time of budget development, as well as suffering significant utility cost increases, and <br /> WHEREAS, In the wage budget issued described above Washington Park <br /> experienced increased park usage along with increased utility costs causing an overbudget <br /> condition, and <br /> WHEREAS, The Affordable Housing sales tax is collected into fund 109 and disbursed <br /> back out to support the Anacortes Housing Authority and Anacortes Family Center affordable <br /> housing projects, and sales tax receipts have been higher than anticipated at the time of <br /> budget development creating an overbudget condition, and <br /> WHEREAS, The EMS department was one of the funds that experienced an <br /> overbudget condition from the wage increases implemented through the negotiated CBA <br /> process, and additionally the number of ambulance transport billings was higher than <br /> anticipated during budget development caused a higher amount of uncollectable transport <br /> billings that are budgeted as miscellaneous expense, and <br /> WHEREAS, The cost of processing solid waste and other commercial and residential <br /> disposal has increased at a higher rate than anticipated during budget development, causing <br /> an over budget condition, and additionally additional dumpsters were needed to be <br /> purchased during the year than initially thought during budget development. <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED by the City Council of the City of Anacortes, <br /> Washington, as follows: <br />