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Components Installed: <br />Flat Ceilings: <br />Vaulted Ceilings: <br />Exterior Walls: <br />Floors/Underheat: <br />R q1 <br />R qto <br />R C21 <br />R 38' <br />a <br />Certificate of Insulation <br />This document assures that the structure located at: <br />I d o l 94*1 <br />had insulation installed in compliance with industry standards by: <br />Environmental Insulation & Contracting LLC <br />3003 Bennett Drive <br />Bellingham, WA 98225 <br />State License # ENVIRIC841BO <br />Signed: <br />Title: <br />Date: <br />Keep this certificate with your other valued papers. If you ever sell this property, this certificate should be passed onto <br />the purchaser <br />