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DocuSign Envelope ID:97AEA551-30ED-4E2F-A9BE-D63B476740E2 <br /> ORDINANCE NO. 4027 <br /> AN ORDINANCE AMENDING ORDINANCE NO. 3099 ENTITILED "AN ORDINANCE ADOPTING THE CAPITAL <br /> FACILITIES PLAN (CFP) FOR THE 6-YEAR PERIOD 2021-2026 <br /> WHEREAS, RCW 36.70A.070(3) requires jurisdictions operating under the Growth Management Act to <br /> include a capital facilities element in their comprehensive plan, which the City of Anacortes is, and does, <br /> so therefore needs to amend the Capital Facilities Plan (CFP) in conjunction with the City Budget, and <br /> WHEREAS, in advocating the City's business several resources that would support two projects included <br /> in the adopted CFP changed such that design and construction of those projects could begin <br /> immediately, and <br /> WHEREAS,there was one project in the Transportation section of the CFP and one project in the Parks <br /> section of the CFP whose resources and timelines have changed such that they no longer fit within the <br /> parameters they were budgeted in, and it is the desire of the City Council to not inhibit but enable those <br /> projects to proceed at the accelerated rate that have developed, and <br /> WHEREAS,the project that amendment is required in the Transportation section is the 32nd and M <br /> Roundabout project that was originally adopted into the 2022 project year at$50,000 funded by grant <br /> resources that would be amended to 1,600,000 with 1,400,000 in grants and 200,000 in Impact Fees as <br /> the resources to fund the project, and <br /> WHEREAS,the projects that amendment is required in the Parks section is the Skatepark replacement <br /> project in that was originally adopted into the 2024 project year at$500,000 funded by a combination of <br /> grants and contributions that would be amended to 900,000 in the 2022 project year with 100,000 in <br /> REET funding from the City and 800,000 in Contributions as the resources to fund the project. <br /> NOW,Therefore be it ordained by the City Council of the City of Anacortes,Washington: <br /> Ordinance No. 3099 dated December 13, 2021, adopting the Capital Facilities Plan for the six year period <br /> 2022—2027 is hereby amended to reflect the following revisions to expenditures and revenues in the <br /> departments: <br /> • Transportation is amended in project year 2022 for the 32nd and M Roundabout from 50,000 to <br /> 1,600,000 <br /> • Parks is amended to move the Skatepark replacement from project year 2024 to 2022 and <br /> revised from 500,000 to 900,000 <br /> This Ordinance shall take effect from and after five (S) days after its passage and publication, as required <br /> by law. <br />