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DocuSign Envelope ID:09E70383-80F3-4ED6-A5D2-FFC8BD5C20CD <br /> CITY OF ANACORTES,WASHINGTON <br /> ORDINANCE NO. 4017 <br /> AN ORDINANCE relating to the combined utility system of the City; <br /> providing for the issuance of not to exceed$8,100,000 principal amount utility system <br /> refunding revenue bonds, in one or more series, to provide the funds (i) to carry out a <br /> refunding of all or a portion of the City's outstanding Utility System Revenue Bonds, <br /> 2012, and(ii)to pay the costs of issuance of the Bonds and the administrative costs of <br /> carrying out the refunding; appointing the City's designated representative to approve <br /> the Bond Sale Terms and establishing parameters for certain of those Bond Sale Terms; <br /> authorizing the sale in a manner to be selected by the City's designated representative; <br /> and providing for other related matters. <br /> Passed March 28, 2022 <br /> This document prepared by <br /> STRADLING YOCCA CARLSON&RAUTH, a Professional Corporation <br /> Seattle, Washington <br /> 1206.829.3000 <br /> 1 <br /> 4881-6438-7855v4/200668-0028 <br />