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DocuSign Envelope ID:2592CB37-2240-4DE3-809A-46588AAD0C07 <br /> Ordinance No. 4014 <br /> An Ordinance Amending the Development Regulations Contained in <br /> Anacortes Municipal Code Title 19, Unified Development Code, Table <br /> 19.41.050 Removing Self Service Storage as a Permitted Use in the <br /> Commercial Use Zone and Striking AMC 19.45.050 (B) <br /> Whereas, on July 18, 2016, the City Council adopted Ordinance 2982 adopting a new Comprehensive <br /> Plan pursuant to the City's periodic Growth Management Act Comprehensive Plan amendment and <br /> update process; and <br /> Whereas, the Anacortes Comprehensive Plan provides guidance for amending the Anacortes Municipal <br /> Code (AMC) development regulations and official zoning map to implement its land use, housing, <br /> economic development,transportation, environment and conservation, and other goals and policies; <br /> and <br /> Whereas,the proposed amendments to the development regulations and official zoning map were <br /> initiated by the City in accordance with the requirements of the Growth Management Act and AMC <br /> 19.16.030(B), subsequent to the adoption of the 2016 Comprehensive Plan; and <br /> Whereas, the City Council adopted Ordinance 3040 adopting new Development Regulations; and <br /> Whereas, the City Council desires to clarify Self Service Storage Facilities in the Commercial Use Zone; <br /> and <br /> Whereas,the primary purpose of the Commercial Use Zone is to provide a wide variety general service, <br /> retail commercial, multifamily and professional offices; <br /> Whereas, self service storage is a passive use detracting from the vitality of the Commercial Use Zone; <br /> and <br /> Whereas, a public comment opportunity was provided for certain changes to AMC Table 19.41.050 at <br /> the February 23, 2022 Planning Commission meeting; and <br /> Whereas, the City Council considered the Planning Commission recommendation at a meeting on <br /> March 14, 2022; <br /> Now,therefore, the City Council of the City of Anacortes does ordain as follows: <br /> Section 1. Findings. The above recitals are hereby adopted by reference as legislative findings in <br /> support of this ordinance. The City Council further enters the following findings: <br /> Wage <br />