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DocuSign Envelope ID:775BF65E-5C33-4697-9D49-23F8CCD6AD65 <br /> Resolution No. 3077 <br /> A Resolution Expressing Sympathy for the Victims of the War in Ukraine and the <br /> Opinion of the City Council that the City of Anacortes should take down its displays <br /> of the Russian flag <br /> Whereas the state of Russia has launched an unprovoked invasion of, and war upon,the independent <br /> state of Ukraine; <br /> Whereas more than 2,000 Ukrainians have died so far as a result of this invasion, and more than <br /> 2 million have sought refuge outside Ukraine; <br /> Whereas Russia's ongoing invasion of Ukraine has been condemned by nations across the globe, <br /> including, on March 2,by the United Nations General Assembly in a 141-to-5 vote; <br /> Whereas the International Criminal Court has opened an investigation into whether Russia has <br /> committed war crimes and crimes against humanity; <br /> Whereas Anacortes has sister-city relationships with Comarnic, Romania; Lomonosov,Russia; Vela <br /> Luka, Croatia; Sidney,BC, Canada; and Nikaho (Kisakata), Japan; <br /> Whereas the national flags of each of those countries and the flag of the United States are flown at two <br /> City-leased sites on State Route 20 and in the City Council chambers; <br /> Whereas the City Council authorized its Sister City agreement with Lomonosov,Russia, by Resolution <br /> 1226 in 1992; <br /> Whereas, in that agreement, representatives of the cities of Anacortes and Lomonosov noted they were <br /> "motivated by a strong desire to establish friendly ties and cultural cooperation between our cities and are <br /> convinced that sister-city relations contribute significantly to the cause of peace and mutual <br /> understanding;" <br /> Whereas the City of Anacortes values its relationship with the City of Lomonosov and strongly supports <br /> the sister cities ideals; <br /> Whereas the residents of Russia, including those of Lomonosov, are not to blame for the attack on <br /> Ukraine and are now suffering under the international sanctions that are intended to punish the Russian <br /> state for its attack; <br /> Whereas the Russian flag adorns the military equipment that is now being used to attack its neighboring <br /> state of Ukraine; <br /> Now therefore be it resolved that: <br /> 1. The City of Anacortes condemns the attack on, invasion of, and war against Ukraine by the <br /> Russian Federation. <br /> 2. The City of Anacortes expresses its sympathy and support for the people of Ukraine. <br /> 1 <br />