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DocuSign Envelope ID:4767A7F8-2F3B-438D-869D-0C1A97F364C8 <br /> Ordinance No. 4004 <br /> An Ordinance Amending Chapters 3.93 Impact Fees to Specify Fee Assessment <br /> Limitations and Add Fee Exemptions for Early Learning Facilities <br /> Whereas the Anacortes Municipal Code in Chapter 3.93 provides for the imposition of impact fees on <br /> new development that creates additional demand and need for public facilities and infrastructure; and <br /> Whereas RCW 82.02.060(3) prohibits a local government from imposing an impact fee on development <br /> activities of an early learning facility greater than those imposed on commercial retail or commercial <br /> office development activities that generate a similar number, volume, type, and duration of vehicle <br /> trips; and <br /> Whereas RCW 82.02.060(2) and (4) authorize local governments to exempt from impact fees <br /> development activities with a broad public purpose, including development of early learning facilities; <br /> and <br /> Whereas the City has long recognized a severe need for additional childcare and early learning capacity <br /> in Anacortes; and <br /> Whereas the City Council desires to update the Anacortes Municipal Code to provide an impact fee <br /> exemption to facilitate development of early learning facilities in Anacortes; and <br /> Whereas,the City Council authorized collection of Park impact fees for building permits for <br /> nonresidential construction activities in Ordinance 3085,therefore, the exemption in 3.93.030(D) should <br /> be removed; and <br /> Whereas, on January 10, 2022,the City Council held a public hearing and on January 18, 2022,the City <br /> Council closed the public hearing and deliberated on the proposal. <br /> Now, therefore, the City Council of the City of Anacortes does ordain as follows: <br /> Section 1. AMC Chapter 3.93, as shown in Attachment A, is hereby amended. <br /> Section 2. This ordinance takes effect five days after publication. <br /> Ord.4004 1 <br />