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DocuSign Envelope ID:3E5F469E-55A0-4854-B06D-57B23EBA1D6A <br /> Ordinance No. 4008 <br /> An Interim Ordinance Extending Ordinance 3091, an Interim Ordinance to <br /> Facilitate the Development of Day Care Facilities in the R4 Zone <br /> Whereas the City Council adopted Interim Ordinance 3091 declaring Day Care II Facilities as a <br /> permitted use in the R4 Use Zone at its July 12, 2021,meeting; <br /> Whereas the City Council adopted Resolution 3043 confirming Ordinance 3091 and adopting a <br /> work plan; <br /> Whereas the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in the closure of childcare facilities as stay-at-home <br /> orders directly caused closures or caused under-enrollment; <br /> Whereas our emergence from the COVID-19 pandemic has created an even greater need for <br /> childcare facilities; <br /> Whereas the interim controls adopted by ordinance 3091 are set to expire January 12, 2022 if it is <br /> not extended prior to that date. <br /> Whereas the work plan adopted in Resolution 3043 has been interrupted by the current COVID <br /> Pandemic; <br /> Whereas the City Council now finds that additional time is required to complete the actions in the <br /> work plan adopted by Resolution 3043; <br /> Whereas RCW 35A.63.220 and AMC 19.16.110 authorize City Council to renew moratoriums, <br /> interim zoning ordinances and interim official controls as a recognized technique to preserve the <br /> status quo while new plans and regulations are developed; <br /> Whereas,as an interim ordinance,pursuant to WAC 197-11-880,the adoption of this ordinance is <br /> not subject to review under the State Environmental Policy Act; <br /> Now, therefore,the City Council of the City of Anacortes does ordain as follows: <br /> Section 1. The City Council finds that: <br /> a. an immediate and urgent need for childcare facilities exists in the City of Anacortes; <br /> b. the cost,delay,and uncertainty of the conditional use permit process reduces the <br /> likelihood that new childcare facilities will be established; <br /> c. the design and performance standards in the Unified Development Code for non- <br /> residential and multifamily buildings effectively mitigate the impacts of childcare <br /> facilities on neighboring uses in the R4 zone; <br /> 1 <br />