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DocuSign Envelope ID:A6E3DECC-878E-44C9-9EA9-3F3C61522F8D <br /> Resolution No. 3070 <br /> A Resolution Appointing City Council Members to Council Committees <br /> and Appointing Council Representatives for 2022-2023 <br /> Whereas the City Council has adopted rules of procedure by Resolution 3051 (2021); and <br /> Whereas Section 10 of that resolution provides that council committees may be formed by appointment <br /> of councilmembers to each committee by the mayor pro tem with the approval of the City Council; and <br /> Whereas the mayor pro tern has made the appointments listed below; <br /> Now therefore be it resolved by the City Council that: <br /> Section 1. The following standing committees are hereby established,and the following appointments <br /> approved: <br /> Access-Anacortes Fiber Internet(Bruce McDougall,Amanda Hubik,Ryan Walters) <br /> Purpose: To make recommendations regarding fiber optic network construction and Access- <br /> Anacortes ISP operations. <br /> Finance(Ryan Walters,Bruce McDougall,Anthony Young) <br /> Purpose: To make recommendations on the municipal budget, capital facilities financing, and <br /> other financing transactions,policies and status. <br /> Housing Affordability and Community Services(Christine Cleland-McGrath, Carolyn <br /> Moulton,Ryan Walters) <br /> Purpose: To maintain a strategic plan to improve housing affordability and make <br /> recommendations on budget and CDBG grant allocations for social services. <br /> Information Technology(Bruce McDougall,Ryan Walters,Amanda Hubik) <br /> Purpose: To make recommendations regarding IT needs. <br /> Library&Museum(Christine Cleland-McGrath,Bruce McDougall,Jeremy Carter) <br /> Purpose: To support and make recommendations regarding Library&Museum needs. <br /> Parks and Recreation (Bruce McDougall,Carolyn Moulton,Amanda Hubik) <br /> Purpose: To make recommendations regarding park, recreation, and trail facilities, activities, <br /> and policies. <br /> Personnel(Christine Cleland-McGrath,Carolyn Moulton,Anthony Young) <br /> Purpose: To make recommendations regarding staff positions and personnel policies. <br /> 1 <br />