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DocuSign Envelope ID:88E5FA77-72D1-4994-8B3B-4B147576FA1C <br /> ORDINANCE NO. 3094 <br /> AN ORDINANCE AMENDING ORDINANCE NO. 3080 ENTITILED "AN ORDINANCE ADOPTING THE CAPITAL <br /> FACILITIES PLAN (CFP) FOR THE 6-YEAR PERIOD 2021-2026 <br /> WHEREAS, RCW 36.70A.070(3) requires jurisdictions operating under the Growth Management Act to <br /> include a capital facilities element in their comprehensive plan, which the City of Anacortes is, and does, <br /> so therefore needs to amend the Capital Facilities Plan (CFP) in conjunction with the City Budget, and <br /> WHEREAS, in advocating the City's business a project emerged that was unanticipated at the time of <br /> budget development that meet the requirements of inclusion in the City's CFP, and <br /> WHEREAS, there is one unanticipated project which is in the Road department, and consists of the <br /> replacing speed zone flashing beacons that exist in schools zones within the City of Anacortes, which are <br /> aging to the point of becoming obsolete and can no longer be repaired, the cost of replacing 20 of them <br /> has an estimated cost of$112,000, and these beacons are available off the State contract maintained by <br /> the Washington State Department of Enterprise Services, and being such are not required to go out to <br /> bid so the project can be started as soon as the CFP amendment is complete. <br /> NOW, Therefore be it ordained by the City Council of the City of Anacortes, Washington: <br /> Ordinance No. 3080 dated December 21, 2020 adopting the Capital Facilities Plan for the six year period <br /> 2021—2026 is hereby amended to reflect the following revisions to expenditures and revenues in the <br /> departments: <br /> Transportation $112,000 <br /> The total estimated expenditures/revenues for each major category and the aggregate total for all such <br /> categories combined are summarized and set forth as follows: <br /> Department: Summary of Projects: <br /> Parks $16,125,000 <br /> General Government $6,756,639 <br /> Fiber $12,155,000 <br /> Fire $7,306,921 <br /> Transportation $37,589,850 <br /> Water $23,326,000 <br /> Wastewater $41,807,000 <br /> Stormwater $2,081,000 <br /> Solid Waste $265,000 <br /> Total $147,412,410 <br /> This Ordinance shall take effect from and after five (5) days after its passage and publication, as required <br /> by law. <br />