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1111111111101!I I*L ILL NEII PM111111 <br /> When Recorded Return to: 202108060127 <br /> 08/06/2021 01:08 PM Pages: 1 of 5 Fees: $207.50 <br /> Skagit County Auditor <br /> City of Anacortes <br /> Attn: Emily Morgan <br /> P.O. Box 547 <br /> Anacortes,WA 98221 <br /> TReserved for Recording Purposes Only T <br /> Affordable Housing Covenant <br /> Grantor(s): City of Anacortes <br /> Grantee(s):Anacortes Housing Authority <br /> Assessor's Tax Parcel Number(s): P55169 <br /> THIS AFFORDABLE HOUSING COVENANT is made and entered into as of the '�i day of <br /> aag-GLS f , 20_/ , by and between the Anacortes Housing Authority, (the "Owner") and <br /> the C( y of Anacortes, a Municipal Corporation of the State of Washington (the "City") for the express <br /> purpose of identifying partial impact fee reductions and general facility charge waivers received for <br /> development on the below described parcel(s) of property within the City of Anacortes, and according <br /> to the provisions set forth below: <br /> LOTS 14 TO 16, BLOCK 47, MAP OF THE CITY OF ANACORTES, ACCORDING TO THE PLAT <br /> THEREOF RECORDED IN VOLUME 2 OF PLATS, PAGES 4 THROUGH 7, RECORDS OF SKAGIT <br /> COUNTY, WASHINGTON. Situated in the City of Anacortes,County of Skagit, State of Washington. <br /> Further known as (the"Property"). <br /> Recitals <br /> 1. "Owner" is the owner of the above-described Property located at 1010 19th Street, Anacortes, <br /> Washington. <br /> 2. Owner intends to develop said Property by constructing a (5) unit townhome, subject to City <br /> approval and such other approvals by State and local agencies, as required. All (5) units would qualify <br /> as low-income units in accordance with the Anacortes Municipal Code Chapter (AMC) 3.93.060 and <br /> AMC Section 13.44.010. <br /> 3. The Anacortes City Council adopted Ordinance 3022 on May 14, 2018, creating Anacortes Municipal <br /> Code Section 3.93.060, which Section provides a partial fee exemption for construction of low- <br /> income housing, and creating Anacortes Municipal Code Section 13.44.010, which Section provides <br /> a waiver of sewer,stormwater,and water general facility charges for building permits for low-income <br /> housing. For the (5) total units, the Owner has requested partial exemption of impact fees allowed <br /> in AMC Section 3.93.060 and waiver of general facility fees allowed in AMC Section 13.44.010. <br />