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DocuSign Envelope ID:43B15CFB-D2FB-4149-9C1C-D48044003E93 <br /> Ordinance No. 3091 <br /> An Interim Ordinance to Facilitate the Development <br /> of Day Care Facilities in the R4 Zone <br /> Whereas the availability of affordable childcare is foundational to the economy; <br /> Whereas the City has long recognized a severe need for additional childcare and early learning <br /> capacity in Anacortes; <br /> Whereas,prior to the COVID-19 pandemic,there were approximately 1,000 children in Anacortes <br /> under school age; <br /> Whereas only 12% of those had access to full-time,licensed childcare,less than half of the <br /> Washington State average of 27%,which itself is considered to be a crisis of inadequate capacity; <br /> Whereas the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in the closure of childcare facilities as stay-at-home <br /> orders directly caused closures or caused under-enrollment; <br /> Whereas our emergence from the COVID-19 pandemic has created an even greater need for <br /> childcare facilities; <br /> Whereas quality childcare is critical for the academic and socioemotional foundations of children; <br /> Whereas the availability of affordable childcare is critical for working families; <br /> Whereas many businesses are currently affected by labor shortages due in part to the lack of <br /> availability of childcare for the children of potential employees; <br /> Whereas the City's development code requires application of the Type 4 conditional use permit <br /> process to establish new childcare facilities in residential zones; <br /> Whereas the Type 4 review process is the highest level of review in the AMC (AMC 19.20.030.C) <br /> and requires public hearing before the Planning Commission and approval by the City Council; <br /> Whereas specifically AMC 19.44.010 defines "day care II"to include child day care serving more <br /> than 12 children in any 24-hour period,or any day care as a principal use; and AMC 19.41.040 <br /> makes "day care II" a conditional use in all zones where it is allowed,including the R4 zone; <br /> Whereas at least two potential childcare facilities in the R4 zone are contemplating the <br /> development permitting process now; <br /> Whereas the Type 4 conditional use permit process is lengthy and expensive for permit applicants; <br /> 1 <br />