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DocuSign Envelope ID:C7FE67E8-B16E-4FBA-81E3-4CEOD1A2FA11 <br /> ORDINANCE 3090 <br /> AN ORDINANCE AMENDING ORDINANCE NO. 3078 ADOPTED ON <br /> DECEMBER 21, 2020, ENTITLED "AN ORDINANCE ADOPTING THE <br /> BUDGET FOR ALL MUNICIPALPURPOSES AND USES FOR THE YEAR <br /> 2021" AS AMENDED BY ORDINANCE 3079 ADOPTED ON APRIL 26, 2021 <br /> WHEREAS, Ordinance 3078 was adopted on December 21, 2020 that established <br /> the annual budget for fiscal year 2021, and <br /> WHEREAS, Ordinance 3079 was adopted on April 26, 2021 amending Ordinance <br /> 3078; and <br /> WHEREAS, the 2021 budget was intentionally conservative across all funds and <br /> departments because of the ongoing concerns about the economy at the time of budget <br /> development due to the continued impact of COVID- 19, and <br /> WHEREAS, the economy is gaining momentum with less restrictions, and <br /> WHEREAS, the Anacortes Fire Department is establishing a Community <br /> Paramedic (Mobile Integrated Healthcare Provider) and seeks authorization to hire one <br /> firefighter paramedic to backfill the position vacated by the current employee <br /> transitioning to the community paramedic position; and <br /> WHEREAS, the Fiber Division seeks authorization to hire two Field Technicians <br /> to increase the pace of customer installations to an average of four per day, continue <br /> providing timely responses to customer service situations as the customer count <br /> increases, and ensure adequate customer installation and service call responsiveness; and <br /> WHEREAS, the Information Systems and Technology(IS/T) Division seeks <br /> authorization to hire two staff members. One IS/T Technician will rebalance and spread <br /> workload among division to support responsibilities of division. One Supervisory <br /> Control and Data Acquisition(SCADA) Technician will support the Wastewater and <br /> Water Treatment Plant's software and hardware that controls industrial processes. The <br /> SCADA position will be funded by through utilities (75%Regional Water, 25%WWTP.) <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED by the City Council of the City of <br /> Anacortes, Washington, as follows: <br /> Section 1. Ordinance No. 3078 adopted on December 21, 2020, entitled"An <br /> Ordinance Adopting the Budget for All Municipal Purposes and Uses for the Year 2021" <br /> as amended by Ordinance 3079 adopted on April 26, 2021 is hereby amended to reflect <br /> the aforementioned revisions to expenditures and revenues in the following areas: <br />