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COVENANT FOR OWNER OCCUPANCY <br /> This Covenant for Owner Occupancy("Covenant')is entered into by the undersigned owners)of real <br /> property legally described in Exhibit A hereto,in the favor of the Oty of Anxortes as required for the <br /> issuance to the owner(s)old permit allowing the construction and/or use of an accessory dwelling unit <br /> on the property described In Exhibit A hereto('the property'). <br /> sieve 3 Rea <br /> agree(s)as <br /> follows: <br /> 1 That he/she/they are the owner(s)of the property localed in Anacortes,Washington at <br /> BOY 7a-2•11 5"r A.vwn6Rf en, WA 18721 and legally described <br /> in Exhibit A.and that there are no other owners; <br /> 2 That he/she/they applied for a permit toconstruct and/or use an accessory dwerng unit en the <br /> property pursuant to Anacortes Municipal Code(AMC) 19.47.030 and make(s)this covenant as <br /> required by AMC 19.47.030(0[10), <br /> 3. That the owner's)of the property will restrict the use of the principal and accessory dwelling <br /> unit on the property in compliance with the requirements of AMC 19.47.030; <br /> 4. That the owner with at least a 50 percent interest in the property will occupy either the principal <br /> dwelling unit or the accessory dwelling unit for six or moths of each calendar year as the <br /> owner's principal residence. unless a waiver has been applied for and granted by the City of <br /> Anacortes Planning,Community&Economic Development Department(PLED), <br /> 5 That if the owners)of the property are unable or unwilling to fulfill the requirements of AMC <br /> 19 47.030 for owner occupancy,then the owner(s)will remove those features of the accessory <br /> dwelling unit that make it a dwelling unit,as determined by PCED.Including but not burled to <br /> removing electrical and plumbing fixtures and connections. <br /> 6 That this covenant shall run with the land and be binding upon the property ewner(s), <br /> his/her/their heirs and assigns.and upon any parties subsequently acquiring any right, title or <br /> interest in the property, <br /> 7 That the undersigned owners and their heirs,successors and assigns will inform all prospective <br /> purchasers of the property of the terms of this Covenant,and <br /> 8 That thls Covenant will be recorded by the owner(s)in the real estate records of the SkaSlt <br /> County Auditor's Office as a deed restriction,prior to issuance of the permit allowing <br /> construction and/ used accessorydwelling unit on the properly. <br /> Owne ignature Owner Signature <br /> Owns nat re Owner Signature <br />