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DocuSign Envelope ID:72C68D76-EB3C-4054-B8E4-1339BBC4F5E3 <br /> ORDINANCE 3086 <br /> AN ORDINANCE AMENDING ORDINANCE NO. 3078 ADOPTED ON DECEMBER 21, <br /> 2020, ENTITLED "AN ORDINANCE ADOPTING THE BUDGET FOR ALL MUNICIPAL <br /> PURPOSES AND USES FOR THE YEAR 2021" <br /> WHEREAS, Ordinance 3078 was adopted on December 21, 2020 that established the <br /> annual budget for fiscal year 2021, and <br /> WHEREAS, The 2021 budget was intentionally lean across all funds and departments <br /> because of the questions about the future of the economy at the time of budget development <br /> with the Covid crisis in full swing, and <br /> WHEREAS, the economy appears to be gaining strength as evidenced by sales tax <br /> receipts exceeding the amounts collected in the same month of the prior year and economists <br /> generally agreeing that the economy will continue to recover towards pre-covid levels through <br /> fiscal year 2021, and <br /> WHEREAS, the Water department is experiencing staffing difficulties and desires to <br /> add two additional staff members to enable a longer term plan for staff management and <br /> continuity of water processes, and <br /> WHEREAS, when the Fiber department was ramping up production two Road <br /> employees representing 25% of the crew left the Road department for the Fiber department <br /> and shortly after that the Covid crisis developed and those employees haven't been replaced <br /> and it is now desirous to hire two temporary seasonal employees to backfill for one of those <br /> positions, and <br /> WHEREAS, the GIS department has been experiencing tremendous growth over the <br /> past several years as the City relies more on GIS for planning, mapping and asset <br /> management putting that department in need of additional help, and <br /> WHEREAS, the Legal department has been experiencing tremendous growth over <br /> the past several years as the City relies more on Legal for contracting and other purchasing <br /> direction, and also for assistance and direction in other legal matters such as the continued <br /> Fiber build out, MTCA site management, other utility project management and expansion. <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED by the City Council of the City of Anacortes, <br /> Washington, as follows: <br /> Section 1. Ordinance No. 3078 dated December 21, 2020 adopting the Budget for all <br /> Municipal purposes and Uses for the fiscal year 2021 is hereby amended to reflect the <br /> aforementioned revisions to expenditures and revenues in the following areas: <br /> Position Description Expense Revenue <br /> Salaries & Wages - 2 Water positions 134,348 <br /> i Personnel Benefits 70,536 <br /> Reserved Fund Balance 204,884 <br /> Salaries & Wages - 1 GIS position 66,009 <br /> Personnel Benefits - GIS 35,268 <br /> 1 Utility and Governmental Spread 101,277 <br />