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DocuSign Envelope ID:74C05F0A-48A2-44F5-94AD-FF5E0C980CD9 <br /> Ordinance No. 3085 <br /> An Ordinance Repealing Ordinance 2474 and Adopting a Schedule for Assessment and <br /> Collection of Parks and Recreation Impact Fees <br /> Whereas, the Anacortes Municipal Code (AMC) Chapter3.93 provides for the assessment and <br /> collection of impact fees on development activity within the City of Anacortes as authorized <br /> and consistent with Chapter 82.02 RCW; and <br /> Whereas, in 1998 the City Council adopted ordinance 2474 enacting parks impact fees in order <br /> to fund growth driven needs in parks and recreation; and <br /> Whereas, the City Council desires to update the parks impact fees to incorporate current <br /> growth projections and to respond to newly adopted parks capital needs; and <br /> Whereas, the City of Anacortes has conducted a study documenting the formulas and <br /> procedures for measuring the impact of new developments on parks and recreation facilities, <br /> and has prepared a technical report which serves as the basis for the actions taken by Council; <br /> and <br /> Whereas, the Council here by incorporates the following study into this ordinance by reference; <br /> "Anacortes Parks Impact Fee Rates Study", date December 2020, and finds that the fees <br /> provided in Exhibit A are necessary to provide for facility improvements that will reasonably <br /> benefit new anticipated developments; and <br /> Now, therefore, the City Council of Anacortes does ordain as follows: <br /> Section 1. Ordinance 2474 is hereby repealed in its entirety. <br /> Section 2. Exhibit A, attached hereto, which establishes park impact fee rate schedules for <br /> residential and commercial development is hereby adopted and will replace all previously <br /> adopted parks impact fees, and shall be incorporated into the City's Unified Fee Schedule. <br /> Section 3. The park impact fee rate study in Exhibit A implements the City's Parks and <br /> Recreation Plan levels of service. For purposes of implementation of the City's plans and levels <br /> of service, the rate study includes the primary recreation facility and full development of <br /> amenities necessary to support them. <br /> Section 4. The Finance Director shall use the Construction Cost Index (CCI) published by the <br /> Engineering News Record, to calculate annual inflation adjustments in the parks impact fee <br /> rates. The parks impact fees shall not be adjusted for inflation should the CCI remain <br /> unchanged or decrease in value. Annual rate schedule adjustments will replace the rate <br /> schedules included in the Exhibit A rate study, and be publicly available on the Unified Fee <br /> Schedule on the City website. <br /> Section 5. Effective Date. The ordinance shall take effect and be in full force on <br /> September 1, 2021. <br />