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DocuSign Envelope ID: E4A84690-FF2C-4B04-8296-B1233C240B5D <br /> ORDINANCE 3083 <br /> AN ORDINANCE AMENDING ORDINANCE NO. 3032 ADOPTED ON DECEMBER 13, <br /> 2018, ENTITLED "AN ORDINANCE ADOPTING THE BUDGET FOR ALL MUNICIPAL <br /> PURPOSES AND USES FOR THE 2019/2020 BIENNIUM" <br /> WHEREAS, There was more activity in the Legislative department of the General fund <br /> including Covid related filming, transition to HD, adopting a new agenda management <br /> program, as well as much higher voter registration costs from the County, and <br /> WHEREAS, The IT department implemented an additional hyper convergence cluster <br /> server, and purchased additional hardware for officials and staff to enable the remote working <br /> and meeting requirements the Covid-19 quarantine orders produced, much of which was <br /> grant reimbursed making some of the expenses cost neutral, and <br /> WHEREAS, The Planning department executed a number of small business grants to <br /> local businesses impacted by Covid-19 that were paid with grants and donations, as well as <br /> providing much purchasing of PPE and other items for local businesses and common areas <br /> in the central business district which was grant eligible making those cost neutral, and <br /> WHEREAS, The Fiber department continued its backbone buildout at a pace <br /> exceeding the budget put in place in 2018 for the following biennial, and <br /> WHEREAS, The Fire department Overtime budget was not adequately estimated at <br /> the time of budget development in 2018 for the 2020 budget, and <br /> WHEREAS, The Facilities department replaced the Anacortes Senior Center roof that <br /> was not in the original budget established in 2018, the majority of which was offset by a <br /> generous anonymous donation, and the majority of PPE and other Covid-19 related <br /> equipment purchased for City use was done in this department which was offset by Covid <br /> grant reimbursements making much of this purchasing cost neutral, and <br /> WHEREAS, The Library department experienced higher supply costs in addressing <br /> Covid-19 but were offset by Cares grant for no net effect, and <br /> WHEREAS, The Ship Harbor roundabout project rolled over from year to year and <br /> experience additional costs not anticipated in 2018 when the project was initially budgeted <br /> which was all paid with grant funds or other restricted resources with no impact to general <br /> resources, and <br /> WHEREAS, The EMS department experienced additional adjustments to Medicaid <br /> payments from ambulance transports which are required by federal law to be expensed but <br /> are an non cash expense, and <br /> WHEREAS, The Impact Fees that are needed to pay for the Ship Harbor roundabout <br /> and the Pickett Pocket Park need to be factored into the budget as the projects were in their <br /> respective construction funds, and <br /> WHEREAS, There were costs specific to the Storm utility in the Ship roundabout that <br /> were initially paid by the road fund that were then reimbursed back to the road fund from the <br /> utility, and <br />