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STATE OF WASHINGTON -- KING COUNTY <br /> --ss. <br /> 388070 No. <br /> CITY OF ANACORTES <br /> Affidavit of Publication <br /> The undersigned,on oath states that he is an authorized representative of The Daily Journal of <br /> Commerce,a daily newspaper,which newspaper is a legal newspaper of general circulation and it is now <br /> and has been for more than six months prior to the date of publication hereinafter referred to,published in <br /> the English language continuously as a daily newspaper in Seattle,King County,Washington,and it is now <br /> and during all of said time was printed in an office maintained at the aforesaid place of publication of this <br /> newspaper. The Daily Journal of Commerce was on the 12th day of June, 1941, approved as a legal <br /> newspaper by the Superior Court of King County. <br /> The notice in the exact form annexed,was published in regular issues of The Daily Journal of <br /> Commerce,which was regularly distributed to its subscribers during the below stated period. The annexed <br /> notice,a <br /> BC:ASPHALT OVERLAY PROJ <br /> was published on <br /> 09/16/20 <br /> The waitbhq fee charged for the foregoing publication is the sum of$7 <br /> t it <br /> ��*�Atit4A�` CY -4 <br /> - 967, 141+ <br /> ' ♦I <br /> - N07,41 n, '''�2or- <br /> s <br /> to r. *"~ Cr) ub .• .rn o-b- ore me on <br /> --1 '4% ut3L1 Oi,�,_ <br /> . �. .. 09/1. � 0 <br /> C�, t�";.... •NCO\ �'_ ����� <br /> °t' Notary public for 'e State of Washingto , <br /> residing in Seattle <br /> Affidavit of Publication <br />