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, � EXHIBIT A <br /> °� °� TASK ORDER <br /> CITY OF ANACORTES <br /> ca 't.47 <br /> ON-CALL SERVICES <br /> Task Order No. 003-LBS <br /> Task Title Easement Survey Haddon Rd <br /> Consultant Leonard, Boudinot& Skodje, INC <br /> Consultant Contact Phone Email <br /> City Contact Jeff Miller Phone 360 2991980 Email milleriacityofanacortes.orq <br /> City Project No. Budget Line No. <br /> Reimbursable? ❑ Yes, by <br /> ® No <br /> DESCRIPTION OF TASK ASSIGNMENT <br /> Determine location of the existing 8 "waterline and any existing easements along this line. Determine <br /> where the waterline lies outside of the existing easement. Provide legal descriptions for any required <br /> easements along the line. Provide meets and bounds survey of the waterline. Provide map and <br /> ❑ electronic copy of map depicting the easements and the waterline. <br /> ® Attachments: Drawing of waterline and surrounding area. <br /> Site Address or Location Along Haddon Rd between Whistle Lake Rd and SR 20 <br /> COMPENSATION <br /> ❑ LUMP SUM—Compensation for services shall be a lump Sum of $ <br /> • TIME AND MATERIAL—Compensation for these services will be on a Time and Materials basis, not to <br /> exceed j,62 ) - without written authorization. <br /> ❑ Approved budget attached (If applicable. Required if cost exceeds$3,000.) <br /> SCHEDULE The Consultant shall complete the services described above: <br /> Within 3 weeks from time of <br /> ® By award <br /> ❑ In accordance with the attached schedule. <br /> All provisions of the Agreement for On-Call Engineering Services dated <br /> shall be in full force and effect for this Task Order. <br /> APPROVED <br /> CITY OF ANACORTES CONSULTANT _ <br /> By N• /pea,.. ✓1'1 pax w c LI By J� <br /> Signature Signature <br /> Title Title '.P <br /> Date / /2 / / 6 3 Date <br />