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c <br /> isrVYO <br /> I <br /> 4..b:Iliespr/ <br /> Air <br /> NOTICE <br /> ANACORTES CITY COUNCIL <br /> MEETING CANCELLATION <br /> NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that, due to lack of pressing business, the regularly <br /> scheduled City Council Study Session of February 9, 2009 is hereby cancelled. <br /> This notice is given in accordance with Chapter 42.30. Revised Code of Washington. <br /> ` qQI AzitiLD <br /> Date Signed: Steve Hoglund, City Clerk <br /> AFFIDAVIT OF POSTING <br /> I, Kathy Janke, hereby certify that on Z - S -- o q , I did post the above notice in a <br /> conspicuous place located on or near the main entrance to the Council Chambers, Anacortes <br /> Municipal Building, Anacortes, WA 98221. <br /> i n ture: K y Janke <br /> I <br />